25 Before 25

Making this list has been a bit of a daunting task, because that A-type personality in me is afraid of not crossing everything off, but hey...I have a year right? So, by this time next year, I hope to have accomplished every item on this list. Wish me luck and keep me going! 

1. Have a picnic 
2. Master an inversion pose in yoga
3. Learn how to properly dry my hair with a round brush (lol, I know.)
4. Eat lobster 
5. Get Legally Leslie its own URL  (July 2014)
6. Have a no-buy month
7. Spend a weekend in Savannah, solo
8. Ready 10 new books, that are not school related 
9. Go to church every Sunday for 3 months 
10. Take a trapeze lesson 
11. Have my palms read   (July 2014)
12. Write handwritten notes per month
13. Visit a new state
14. Plant something and have it grow
15. Host a dinner party 
16. Attend the Kentucky Derby / Carolina Cup
17. Break my Dr. Pepper Addiction   (June 2014)
18. Get custom made stationary 
19. Learn to play tennis 
20. Take a cooking class 
21. Stop picking my finger nails (It is really bad, and really yucky.)
22. Meet a bloggy friend IRL 
23. Find and refinish / decorate a really awesome piece of furniture for my dining room (May 2014)
24. Take an areal yoga class 
25. Seriously organize my life, I'm talking no more junk boxes, and everything has one place 
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