Fitmas Day 8!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Today begins week 2! I've got a quick cardio HIIT workout on the elliptical to do today! 

Minutes 0-5  Incline 0  Resistance 5
Minutes 5-7  Incline 6 Resistance 9
Minutes 7-9 Incline 6 Resistance 10
Minutes 9-11 Incline 8 Resistance 9
Minutes 11-13 Incline 6 Resistance 10
Minutes 13-15 Incline 6 Resistance 12
Minutes 15-17 Incline 8 Resistance 10
Minutes 17-19 Incline 8 Resistance 9
Minutes 19-21 Incline 8 Resistance 12
Minutes 21-23 Incline 6 Resistance 9
Minutes 23-25 Incline 6 Resistance 10
Minutes 25-30 Incline 0 Resistance 5


Today's OOTD is brought to you by Reebok! It is great for today's workout! Great shoes are  important when working out, so be sure to find some that fit you properly. 
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Disclaimer: I am not a certified personal trainer, the workout published above is simply a combination of exercises that I use in my workout routine, I am not responsible for any results, lack of results or injuries. Participate at your own risk.  
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