Halloween Crafts!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Let me preface this by saying I HATE pumpkins. Hate. Hate HATE. I know that sounds super dramatic, but I have what I consider a pretty good reason. 3 years ago around Halloween I had a minor traumatic incident involving a pumpkin that haunts me to this day. 

I was at a pumpkin carving social with my sorority and while carving a cute little heart into my pumpkin my hand slipped and I cut my pinky finger to the bone. Fast forward a trip to the emergency room and eight stitches later I was less than enchanted by my cute little heart pumpkin. After visiting a hand surgeon a week later and discovering I had severed all my tendons it is safe to say I wanted to smash my pumpkin. I ended up having surgery and to this day my little piny finger is...well its not the same. I cannot fully bend or straighten it so when fall rolls around I avoid pumpkins like the plague. 

I know this probably sounds dumb but I will probably never carve a pumpkin again. This year, however I decided to get over my fear and buy two pumpkins. While I did not carve them, I did make them pretty darn cute. 

Step 1: Wash & dry pumpkins. Get Modge Podge and gold glitter! 

Step 2: Tape off the top of the pumpkins about 1/4 of the way down. 

Step 3: Paint Modge Podge onto the pumpkin covering all the surface above the tape, then cover wet Modge Podge with glitter! 

Step 4: Using black acrylic paint, paint festive words on your pumpkin! After you do this the Modge Podge should be dry enough to remove the tape. 

Aren't they adorable?! I vote yes, but then again, I am pretty partial to anything that has glitter on it.  For those of you wondering, yes my apartment is covered in glitter. It doesn't really bother me but if you are not a fan of looking like a pixie you may want to do this little project outside. 

Last year, I posted about the mentor that I got through an organization I am a part of at the law school. Well, this year I get to be a mentor! Yay! I found out who my little mentee is on Friday and I have all my gifts set for next week! Each day has a theme so my gifts are coordinated with those. Monday is Munchie Monday, followed by Too Cool For School Tuesday and Wind Down Wednesday, then the 1Ls get to find out who their mentors are on Thursday. I am mostly just really proud of my cute wrapping job! I hope she likes her gifts! 

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