Power Suit

Friday, August 15, 2014

I have always subscribed to the mentality that when you feel good in an outfit, that good feeling emanates into your personality and you can make some really powerful impressions on those around you. I'm not saying that clothes are everything, but for me, going into an interview or a presentation being comfortable in my outfit choice helps me to be far more confident in what I am doing. I am a huge proponent of having proper business clothes because nothing is more unprofessional than being underdressed. 
Obviously, being in professional school I have many occasions where suits are required. But even in the business world, there are certainly circumstances where suiting up is going to make a difference. 
People are often critical of suits because they can seem stiff or boring...but y'all know me...nothing about my wardrobe is boring. Here are my picks for this fall's most stellar professional gear! 

J.Crew | Jacket | Skirt
Ann Taylor | Jacket | Skirt  
Ann Taylor | Suit

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