Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Oh my goodness where to begin. Last week was crazy to say the least. I headed up to Atlanta on Wednesday to be with Morgan before all the festivities began. 
We spent Wednesday night with her family, getting manis and pedis, having dinner and enjoying the company. 

The next day was rehearsal day! We woke up and had a fantastic breakfast and spent the morning at the gym and just relaxing. Then we went for lunch before her PawPaw arrived! 
We had lunch at this adorable cafe called NINE Street Kitchen. We both had apple and swiss grilled cheese sandwiches and pasta salad. It was so yummy! After lunch we went with PawPaw to pick up his Tux. You know how they say to expect there to be bumps leading up to your wedding? Well this was one of them. PawPaw tried on his Tux at the store, and the hem of his pants was at his knees!!! Luckily, he is very lighthearted and had Morgan and I rolling on the ground laughing instead of panicking! Thankfully, the store was able to fix the length of the pants quickly and we were on our way to get ready for the rehearsal.

Unfortunately, it started raining  so we had to rehearse inside the venue but I was still able to snap some photos of the outside (where the ceremony was to be held). 

Aren't the gardens fantastic? After we rehearsed, we headed to a local Italian restaurant for dinner. E's parents had a lovely dinner planned for us. It was really fun listening to all the parents and grandparents tell stories of Morgan & E as children. 

After dinner, all the bridesmaids headed back to the hotel for the night. We wanted a good night's rest before waking up for the Bridesmaid's Luncheon. Morgan and I shared a room and we were both VERY wound up. We ended up having mini jumping on the bed party to burn off some extra energy. It was just what we needed. LOL 

The next morning Morgan's Aunts, Grammy & Mom had planned a luncheon for all the bridesmaids! It was held at a local coffee shop called Crema. It was so nice for all the ladies to get together and chat and have brunch before heading off to get ready! We were lucky enough to have a hairstylist and makeup artist come right to the hotel to do our hair and make up! 

I went with a half up curly style for my hair. 

The makeup artist did airbrush make up so it would last throughout the night. It tickled a lot during the application but it lasted VERY well. I was amazed. Then it was game time. We headed to the venue to get dressed and take some photos. 

Remember how I said that you have to expect some bumps along the road? Well, this is when my bump happened. The zipper on my dress was broken. It would not zip more than halfway. Needless to say, I was panicking a little...okay fine, a lot. Luckily Morgan's Grammy saved the day! She is a fantastic seamstress and we just happened to have a needle and thread. She sewed me into my dress, and no one was none the wiser. *phew* 
The bridesmaid's carried hydrangea bouquets. They were absolutely beautiful. 

I happened to get this photo of Morgan sneaking a peak at E as he was being photographed with his groomsmen. It was just so sweet. 
The ceremony was beautiful and it went off without a hitch. Thankfully the forecasted rain stayed away and we had beautiful blue skies. The reception was also lovely, the decorations turned out very well and everyone had a fantastic time. 

A few years ago E hiked the Application Trail, all the way from Georgia to Maine. So naturally, his groom's cake was AT themed. Can you believe his mom made the whole thing?! The details are just amazing. 

I am so thankfully to have been by Morgan's side as one of her MOHs for her big day. She looked absolutely stunning and I just know that her and E are going to have a lifetime of happiness. 

Sorry for the randomness of this assortment of photos, I didn't have my phone with me at all times, obviously, so I only had a few photos. I really can't wait to see how the wedding photos turn out because the photographer was AMAZING. 
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