Pre-Wedding To-Do List!

Monday, July 28, 2014

It is wedding week y'all! This is just a warning, this week is going to be very wedding-y here at Legally Leslie. If you happen to be a wedding hater, which I know none of my wonderful followers are, then just tune yourself out until Friday when I will return to my regularly scheduled broadcasting. Regardless, I promise that even though my posts are wedding themed, they are still super 'me' and I hope everyone loves them anyway! 

Countdown to Wedding: 4 days.

Doesn't matter if you are a guest, part of the wedding party or the bride or groom here are my tips of what to do that final few days before the wedding:

Take time to carefully steam your dress (or suit) | Y'all. I hate ironing. hate.hate.hate. However, my dearest mother got me a steamer before heading to law school and it was life changing. Now, you don't want to be looking like you slept in your duds in any wedding photos so steaming those wrinkles out is oh, so important! I realize, that if you are renting a tux the store probably does that for you, but it is always good practice to double check just in case. If you are away from home, most hotels have a concierge service that will gladly get those wrinkles out for you. 

This is the Conair steamer I have. 
Wear Sunscreen | This probably sounds like a duh to many people but lets be honest. No one wants to look like a strawberry in wedding photos. #awkward Taking a few extra minuets each day to put some on will ensure you'll just have a beautiful golden glow in all the photos! I posted here about my sunscreen routine along with a list of my favorite products. 

Break in your shoes & scuff up the bottom | Uncomfortable shoes lead to lame people. If your little feets hurt, you're not going to want to dance the night away! #boo Make sure that you are used to walking in them, especially heels, no one likes looking like a baby deer. Gentlemen, this applies to you also! Make sure you scuff up the bottom of your shoes before you try and cut a rug. Lord knows, you would not want to drop your beautiful date on her booty when you go in for a dip...and slip. 

Whiten your teeth | I'm going to be honest. I have a fear of teeth whiteners. They always either burn my gums or make my teeth super sensitive. Plus, I feel like I am swallowing bleach. BUT I also have a fear of yellow teeth. #eww Thankfully, I found some sensitive formula ones that I can handle and while they are sort of an investment...I just can't help but give my pearly whites some love. 

These Crest Gentile Routine whites trips are working great for me, and so far my teeth don't hurt! 

Drink 8 glasses of water a day & stay away from salt | No one wants to be bloated and uncomfortable in their suit or dress. Drinking lots of water will not only prevent that from happening but it will also ensure that you are nice and hydrated for a night of dancing and *ahem* consumption of adult beverages. 

Get your beauty rest | Making sure you get 8 hours will allow you to dance into the early morning without turning into a pumpkin at midnight. It will also help ease stress and jitters so you are not a crabby party guest. A bonus? You won't look like a zombie in those everlasting wedding photos! 

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