Friday, July 11, 2014

Notice anything different around here? Hmmm...look closely...THAT'S RIGHT! THIS GIRL GOT HER OWN DOMAIN NAME!! I know that y'all are probably not as excited as I am but umm...I just saved you typing 9 extra characters when you're coming to look for me! SQUEE!

In addition to being so so excited to have my own domain name, I am also super proud of myself for setting it up without the help of any computer geniuses! Which is is big for me, because it took about the same skill level as performing rocket surgery. No joke, rocket.surgery. You may have noticed that I disappeared off the interwebs for a while Thursday afternoon, and I apologize for that if you were looking for some highly invigorating content to read. That was 100% my fault because I broke my blog trying to set up this domain name. BUT it is all fixed now (I hope.)

Anyway, you can now find me here at www.legallyleslie.com OR you can even leave off the www! How exciting is that?!  

Hopefully this excitement doesn't overwhelm you, because I have a few more big tricks up my sleeve. I am quite literally, hopping up and down (on one leg of course) with excitement! Stay tuned. 
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