Currently Obsessed: Distract Me Edition

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1| This Dad and his baby girl. I mean, yes I'm a little obsessed with Frozen. But this is seriously adorbs. I love when Dad's get silly and vulnerable for their kiddos. 

2 |Great Lakes Facts!!! I guess sometimes I take learning stuff like this for granted and assume everyone else knows too...turns out, it is a Michigan History thing. Learn little Georgia friends learn!

3| 50 Classy People from the Past! I love this 1950's necklines, I'll take one of each please. 

4| 52 Things about Michigan...apparently it is on my brain today. I'm partial to #12 & #48.

5| Eminem's daughter graduated high school. If that doesn't make you feel old....woof. BUT she is headed to my alma mater, Michigan State University! Additionally, Madonna's daughter is headed to that other school in Ann Arbor. Yay Rivalry! 

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