Bestie Visits!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sorry for my brief absence! I was having so much fun this past week with my bestie in town I never had a spare moment to write a post! Not to fear! We were so busy I even checked a few things off of a few of my lists so YAY for productivity! 
Anyway, in case I forgot to mention it...LIBBY CAME TO VISIT ME! It was a super great way to end my summer semester! We had a blast and crossed several things off this list I created almost a year ago when I moved to Georgia. 

When she first arrived we shopped around Lenox and had dinner at the Varsity, which is a famous drive in type diner place with hot dogs and chili cheese fries. It was a fun little adventure. The next day we headed back to Atlanta to explore. 

First, we went to World of Coke. It was a fun tourist-y thing to do in Atlanta. We got to try over 60 flavors of coke from all over the world...most of them were horrendously disgusting, but hey at least we tried. 

We even got to go inside the secret vault where they "keep" the secret formula. The whole place was geared more towards kids, but it was a fun history lesson and obviously an Atlanta classic. We were, however, disappointed that they didn't have a place to create our own Coke bottle labels...neither one of us have had any luck finding our names thus far during the 'Share a Coke with...' campaign. 

After World of Coke we found this amazing pizzeria where we had lunch before heading off to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. 

With our prince charming!

The gardens were amazing. They had some seriously beautiful flowers. But man was it hot. I think the orchids were my favorite. 

We were both exhausted after spending the entire day out in the sun, but had to get read to head to Savannah for a few days! 

During our first night, we took a Ghost Tour in a hearse. Literally, we were sitting in the back of a hearse with our heads sticking out the top. It was quite comical. Savannah is known as one of the most haunted cities in America because it is quite literally built on its dead so it was very interesting to hear the various ghost stories from different buildings around town. 

After the Ghost Tour we went to Leopold's for ice cream cones! Leopold's is a famous soda fountain in Savannah. I had peanut butter cup ice cream. Yummm. The next day we took a trolley tour around the city to visit all the historic landmarks. 

The Catholic Church
The Fountain in Forsyth Park

The Confederate Monument in Forsyth Park. 
Once again it was a very very very hot day, so we grabbed some Cokes. Hilariously enough, we got BFF and Soulmate on our cans. Totally by accident, I swear we didn't look when picking them out! It was almost as good as finding our names! 

I was very sad to see Libby go, but I was so glad she was able to make a quick trip to Georgia to see me! 

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