App Appreciation

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sometimes I wonder what life was like before iPhones. I grew up in that weird generation where we didn't have loads of technology as young children, but by the time we were in grade school the internet was a thing. Basically, I wasn't a 7 year old with an iPhone. I did however have a cell phone in middle school, one that pre-dates text messages. From there I updated to various flip phones and eventually to a BlackBerry in college. 
(Remember BBM? lol)  Then along came the holy grail of smart phones: the iPhone. I would be lying if I said I wasn't totally dependent on it. I certainly don't use it to its fullest capacity, for instance I hate iCal and I don't think I will EVER get rid of my agenda book, but there are a few apps that I just simply couldn't function without. Okayyyy that may be an exaggeration but seriously, there are some amazing apps out there.  If I had to pick just a few to have on my phone besides the basics, these would be my picks:

1| Snapchat- fine judge me. I think it is hilarious. Why text your BFFs when you can send goofy pictures of your face? 

2| Instagram- I'm obsessed and I don't care. Never mind being totally stereotypical and posting my outfit's of the day, pictures of my food and pictures of my cat. I can out #hashtag anyone, any day. 

3| Starbucks- I'm a Gold Member. What are you going to say about it? I love being about to load my monthly Starbucks budget onto the app so I'm guaranteed not to go over. Plus, watching that little cup fill up with stars just lights up my life. 

4| Fitbit- I just recently got a Fitbit Flex and while it is not so accurate counting steps done while crutching, now that I am back on two legs again, it serves as a nice reminder to get my butt up and move. Plus, you can cheer on...or taunt your friends. How's that for fitness motivation?

5| SparkPeople- this is a calorie counting app from the gods. If we are being honest, the FitBit calorie counter kind of sucks because you can't scan barcodes. (HELLO FITBIT ARE YOU READING THIS??) And SparkPeople literally has every possible food item all loaded in. Then I can just quick add a # of calories to my FitBit and voila it tells me my net. Wahoo.

6| Weather Whiskers- this is mostly just hilarious. It a mostly accurate-ish weather app that not only tells you the temperature but also gives you a cute little kitten with instructions such as "Many Sunz. Time 4 Nap", or simply "Meh" FINE FINE FINE I'm a cat lady, I admit it. 

7| Pages- pretty basic, but it allows me to update all the Facebook pages I manage while on the go. I make it sound like I manage tons...there are 4. I manage 4. (Legally Leslie, the local KD alumnae chapter page, my mom's event planning page and one from a college project) really, I update 3. BUT Facebook just updated the pages manager so you can schedule posts. God bless ya' Facebook. 

8| Fly Delta- Well...ATL-->DTW usually happens on Delta for me, so this app is great for checking in, checking bags, and having my boarding pass not end up crumpled at the bottom of my carry on. And when I have lovelies come visit I can track their flight status and watch them get closer. 

9| Black's Law Dictionary- This is one of the only app's I have ever paid for. *ouch* but it has come in handy for looking up legalese on the school. #win 

What are y'all's can't live without apps? 
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