DIY: Milkglass Bracelet Towers

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It has been stated before: I have a jewelry obsession. As much as I love having pretty bling to choose from each day I have two problems: 
1- If I can't see it, I won't wear it.
2- How to organize to avoid madness. 
I had previously found a three tiered necklace tree that worked great, but it only had one arm for bracelets. My new stacking obsession  has got me not only acquiring more cute bangles, but also wanting to have easy access to them! My current bracelet storage was just not working so I took to Pinterest for some ideas. Here are some of my favorites: 

Seeing that I don't live in a mansion, I can't get my dresser remade and I don't want to play I Spy every morning, I decided that the last option seemed the most practical, and pretty darn cute. I love the vintage look of the milk glass bottles, but unfortunately they are not super cheap to buy...and when I did find them super cheap I would have ended up with a lot of 100. So I headed off to the craft store. 
My list included:
-glass vases
-white spray paint
-white or clear puffy paint 


I ended up with Krylon spray paint again, I know it works. I picked out four glass pieces. I chose different shapes to add a little contrast. I also pulled out my rubbing alcohol and cotton pads to get all the sticky off from the price tags. (It makes spray paint go all funny.) Make sure that you wipe the whole vase down with the alcohol and then wash with warm water prior to spraying. 

Now you might be wondering why I wanted puffy paint and here is your answer. I wanted one of my vases to look like beaded glass but I couldn't find, so I recreated the look. I put dots of puffy paint in a patter on the smooth tall vase and let it dry. 

While the beaded one was drying I sprayed the other three. One lesson about spray paint: patience is key. I know its super hard when you are excited about a DIY but its important to do many light coats to avoid drips. 

After the puffy paint dried I sprayed that vase too. Here are my four finished 'milkglass' vases. I especially love the way the wine glass turned out. The details look amazing in all white! 

Then it was time to add my stacks! I love the way they look currently. The functionality is TBD but we shall see. 
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