Cara Box Reveal!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

So I have to start this reveal post by saying that my box could not have been delivered on a more perfect day. I had a beast of an exam and was just in a generally bad mood and it totally brightened my day. 
This go around I was partnered with Jen from The Bast Life and Menominee, who is in the process of starting a blog but you can check out her Instagram in the mean time! I think one of the best things about this exchange is being able to meet women who are your exact age, yet are at totally different stages of life. Both my partners are Mommies, and let me tell you...these kiddos are SO.CUTE. While I am, obviously, no where near a point in my life where I will be having any minis, anyone who knows me know that I do obsess over other people's sweet littles, so seeing both Jen and Menominee's cutie-pies each day was pretty awesome. The other amazing thing is that both my partners have Michigan connections, which is crazy because one lives in California and the other North Carolina! Jen went to the University of Michigan for grad school (I think I just broke out in hives typing that school's name...;) teehee) and Menominee has family from the Upper Peninsula, hence her cool name! 
I sent Menominee a box, but it has not yet arrived so I can't spill the beans just yet, and Jen sent me a box! This month's theme was to send items from your Hometown. Jen is from a small town in Illinois. She said that every summer they had a sweet corn festival and that due to the small size of the town, summer was a time for enjoying everything! 
Here is what was in my box: 

It was so exciting and colorful the second I opened it! 
So many fun summer items! 
A sweet note, and of course corn holders! 
Ice cream cups! Pink of course! 
A pink mason jar!  
Super adorable popsicle molds! One of them is even a Lulu!!! 
Time to get my bake on. Plus...cotton candy cookies? YUM!
And of course, cocktails for the pool!

I am so excited to have all this fun stuff to kick of my summer! (Only two more exams!) Plus, the beginning of the summer is going to be a bit rough, so having some pick me ups is going to be so nice! Thanks Jen for the amazingly thoughtful box! 
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