Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Alright y'all life got away from me. I was so busy having fun with my BFF I totally slacked on updating you on my life. Forgive me? 

K, good. 

So remember those two weeks of finals I had? Yeah, those are over and right after they finished my BFF / Roomie (ex) Sponge came to visit me. I was so, so pumped. I mean, first of all, I'm lucky to have amazing friends who want to come visit me all the time (my pool helps, I know) AND I had not seen her since Christmas, so it was a much welcomed visit. I had a lot planned for her, so here is a little recap...

I of course showed her all of my little town as well as my law school before we headed to Savannah for a few days. (prepare for photo overload)

First of all, Sponge is the BEST kitty auntie every and brought Lulu new toys. (as if she wasn't already spoiled.)
In true Leslie & Sponge fashion, we went for mexican...and margs. duh!

Our hotel in Savannah had the most amazing rooftop pool!

During our exploring we found an adorable little macron shop! I had banana's Foster and Sponge had chocolate covered strawberry!

We took a trolley tour in Savannah and saw so many amazing homes and beautiful buildings!

After our trolley tour, we had a yummy dinner out...we ordered these garlic fries as an appetizer.
I got a burger.
After dinner we went out for drinks and dessert.
I ordered a Dark n' Stormy!
We got a flour-less chocolate tort...YUM.
Did I mention this was all on the roof of the BoHo hotel?
When we came back from Savannah, we went to this cute little wine tasting. It was a blast!
After the wine tasting we met NABS for sushi & martinis!

Friday was Sponge's last day, so we grilled a yummy dinner by the pool. And I got to use my Carabox corn holders!
We had big plans of hitting up the Atlanta Zoo before Sponge's flight, but sadly we got rained out so we went to play at the mall instead.

Monday I started both summer classes and my new job in the law library, so that has been keeping me busy during the day and evenings. Wednesday, I pick my mom up from the airport just in time for my knee surgery on Thursday, *eep!* But don't y'all worry, I won't be disappearing again anytime soon.
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