Saturday, May 31, 2014

This is just so fabulously heartwarming and wonderful. I might be a bit sappy, but its worth a watch. Happy Saturday y'all!

Flower Power

Thursday, May 29, 2014

To me, nothing says summer more than some beautiful blooms. So, naturally I love to wear them all over my clothes! No matter the color, sing me up for some flowers, the bolder the better. 
J.Crew | Flower Shell
J.Crew Factory | Floral Peplum Top
Kate Spade | Floral Keds
Vineyard Vines | Rose Dress
J.Crew Factory | Mod Floral Dress 

Currently Obsessed: Trapped on the Couch Edition

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Welp. Since I'm stuck in the seated position, I've been trying really really hard to keep myself entertained, so I figured I would share with you some of my favorites! 

1| Google's Driverless kinda freaks me out, but it is also really cool! 

It even has a face! How cute. 

3 | This was second place, I'm a bit curious about who got first. I also have no idea what this competition is but this dance is fab. 

4 | SYTYCD Season 11 Premiers Tonight. I have been waiting. FOREVER. (Well, I guess since last season ended...)

5 | How cute is this CocaCola Friendly Twist idea? Great advertising. 

Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Memorial Day to everyone and their families! Let us not for get, nor forget to thank all those who fight to preserve our freedom on a daily basis. 


Well, the good news is that I am still alive. The surgery went as expected on Thursday, and I am home and totally knee braced up. Unfortunately, due to the extent of the damage to my cartilage they were unable to do the less invasive option we were hoping for, so while I am slightly less mobile and in slightly more pain, the problem should be fixed in the long run. Thanks to NABS and my mom I have some super adorable pre-op photos.

Signed by the doc.
I am currently not doing a whole lot besides sleeping, and reading. However, I did have some super sweet visitors who brought me some wonderful treats! I seriously have the best friends.  Lulu has been taking good care of me, she won't leave my side. 

So this is my new leg wear for the next six weeks, complete with crutches of course. #imsofancy

Put a Bow on it!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

If you know me, or have seen me in real life you know that my philosophy is the more bows the better. Luckily, for me, many more designers have been decking their clothing and accessories out with bows. YAY! If I had to pick one item to wear everyday for the rest of my life, I am 90% sure a bow would be my choice. Here are a few bow-ed out items that I am currently obsessing over:
 Handbag | Kate Spade 
Watch | Kate Spade
Dress | Kate Spade
Swimsuit | LOFT
Earrings | Kate Spade
Sandals | LOFT
Kitten Heels | J.Crew Factory

Maxi Moment

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

As I've browsed this summer's new releases, I find myself gravitating again and again towards maxi dresses. I super love the trend. Honestly, it might possibly be a last ditch effort to keep up with my summer dress routine while at the same time hiding the UGLY knee brace I will be sporting as of tomorrow. Don't you worry...I will post a picture showing of my new accessory. But in the mean time, check out some of these super adorable maxis!

Vineyard Vines | Shell Clip Maxi
Anthropologie | Capuchina Maxi
Banana Republic | Heritage Silk Zebra Maxi
Lilly Pulitzer | Deanna Maxi
Lilly Pulitzer | Sloane Cabana Boy Maxi


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Alright y'all life got away from me. I was so busy having fun with my BFF I totally slacked on updating you on my life. Forgive me? 

K, good. 

So remember those two weeks of finals I had? Yeah, those are over and right after they finished my BFF / Roomie (ex) Sponge came to visit me. I was so, so pumped. I mean, first of all, I'm lucky to have amazing friends who want to come visit me all the time (my pool helps, I know) AND I had not seen her since Christmas, so it was a much welcomed visit. I had a lot planned for her, so here is a little recap...

I of course showed her all of my little town as well as my law school before we headed to Savannah for a few days. (prepare for photo overload)

First of all, Sponge is the BEST kitty auntie every and brought Lulu new toys. (as if she wasn't already spoiled.)
In true Leslie & Sponge fashion, we went for mexican...and margs. duh!

Our hotel in Savannah had the most amazing rooftop pool!

During our exploring we found an adorable little macron shop! I had banana's Foster and Sponge had chocolate covered strawberry!

We took a trolley tour in Savannah and saw so many amazing homes and beautiful buildings!

After our trolley tour, we had a yummy dinner out...we ordered these garlic fries as an appetizer.
I got a burger.
After dinner we went out for drinks and dessert.
I ordered a Dark n' Stormy!
We got a flour-less chocolate tort...YUM.
Did I mention this was all on the roof of the BoHo hotel?
When we came back from Savannah, we went to this cute little wine tasting. It was a blast!
After the wine tasting we met NABS for sushi & martinis!

Friday was Sponge's last day, so we grilled a yummy dinner by the pool. And I got to use my Carabox corn holders!
We had big plans of hitting up the Atlanta Zoo before Sponge's flight, but sadly we got rained out so we went to play at the mall instead.

Monday I started both summer classes and my new job in the law library, so that has been keeping me busy during the day and evenings. Wednesday, I pick my mom up from the airport just in time for my knee surgery on Thursday, *eep!* But don't y'all worry, I won't be disappearing again anytime soon.

Best Wedding Shower Gifts

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Looking ahead in my agenda book I noticed that I have a TON of wedding showers to attend this summer, so I though, why not create a gift guide! I know I have said it before, it must be that season of life, but it seems as though everyone I know is getting married! Showers are so so fun, especially when they are themed, but the gift giving part can be tricky! When you have 5-6 showers to go to, it can be hard to give meaningful gifts that the couple will enjoy without breaking the bank. Obviously, the couple's registry is a great place to start, but if nothing on the list thrills you, here are a few ideas that I think any newlywed couple would love: 

Newlywed Cookbook | Crate & Barrel
Bar Set | Williams Sonoma
Monogrammed Pitcher | Williams Sonoma
Mixing Bowl Set | Martha Stewart 
Monogrammed Grilling Set | Williams Sonoma 
Monogrammed Carving Board | Williams Sonoma 
Marble Serving Slate | Crate & Barrel
Mr. & Mrs. Ring Dish | Crate & Barrel

Summer Wedge Obsession

Monday, May 12, 2014

I'm not sure if it is the warm weather or the fact that I can't wear heels right now but I am on a serious wedge kick. Everywhere I go I drool over all the pretty summer wedges that have recently hit the stores. I'm talking bright colors, lace details, bows and laser cuts. *sigh* I dream about all the adorable outfits I could wear if only I had them all. Here are some of my favorites: 

Jack Rogers | marbella wedge
Tory Burch | adonis wedge
Jack Rogers | luccia wedge
Kate Spade | jumper wedge
Dolce Vita | simonah wedge
Sara Jessica Parker | leslie wedge
Tory Burch | jackie wedge
Kate Spade | dancer wedge
Tory Burch |nori wedge
Circa Joan & David | orsola wedge
J.Crew | seville wedge

DIY: Milkglass Bracelet Towers

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It has been stated before: I have a jewelry obsession. As much as I love having pretty bling to choose from each day I have two problems: 
1- If I can't see it, I won't wear it.
2- How to organize to avoid madness. 
I had previously found a three tiered necklace tree that worked great, but it only had one arm for bracelets. My new stacking obsession  has got me not only acquiring more cute bangles, but also wanting to have easy access to them! My current bracelet storage was just not working so I took to Pinterest for some ideas. Here are some of my favorites: 

Seeing that I don't live in a mansion, I can't get my dresser remade and I don't want to play I Spy every morning, I decided that the last option seemed the most practical, and pretty darn cute. I love the vintage look of the milk glass bottles, but unfortunately they are not super cheap to buy...and when I did find them super cheap I would have ended up with a lot of 100. So I headed off to the craft store. 
My list included:
-glass vases
-white spray paint
-white or clear puffy paint 


I ended up with Krylon spray paint again, I know it works. I picked out four glass pieces. I chose different shapes to add a little contrast. I also pulled out my rubbing alcohol and cotton pads to get all the sticky off from the price tags. (It makes spray paint go all funny.) Make sure that you wipe the whole vase down with the alcohol and then wash with warm water prior to spraying. 

Now you might be wondering why I wanted puffy paint and here is your answer. I wanted one of my vases to look like beaded glass but I couldn't find, so I recreated the look. I put dots of puffy paint in a patter on the smooth tall vase and let it dry. 

While the beaded one was drying I sprayed the other three. One lesson about spray paint: patience is key. I know its super hard when you are excited about a DIY but its important to do many light coats to avoid drips. 

After the puffy paint dried I sprayed that vase too. Here are my four finished 'milkglass' vases. I especially love the way the wine glass turned out. The details look amazing in all white! 

Then it was time to add my stacks! I love the way they look currently. The functionality is TBD but we shall see. 
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