Stacking 101

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I don't know about y'all but I have always been obsessed with the stacking bracelets trend, but every time I tried...I just didn't love the result. Over past few weeks I have been super diligent about forcing myself to stack. I have so many amazing bracelets that need to get more wear, plus after my first few tries I began to feel much more confident in my stacking abilities. So here I am with some of my attempts as well as helpful hints! 

1| Mix textures- Some of my favorite stacks were the ones that had a larger variety of types of bracelets, not just bangles

2| Start in the middle and work out on either side! 

3| Put the biggest statement piece in the middle- this can be a watch or a larger bracelet. For example, in the photos above I used the pink and navy bracelet as the centerpiece in the bottom middle photo. 

4 | Don't be afraid of a little jingle! Some  bracelets are nosier than others! 

5| Make sure you are comfortable. On some of my attempts I noticed halfway through the day that my wrist felt restricted or that I was constantly checking that my bracelet wasn't scratching my watch. Be mindful of the order you stack in to avoid these issues! 

6| More color = more fun! 

7| Check out Pinterest for inspiration! This was hugely helpful for me. I am also a part of a thread on FB where some lovely ladies I "know" post their daily stacks, these girls are pros! 

8| Mixing metals is not breaking the rules! I always firmly stood by my jewelry for any given day either being all silver or all gold...however I think I may have changed my mind on this one. 

Do you have a favorite stack? Send me photos, I would love to see your creations! Where do you find your favorite bangles? I am officially on the hunt! 

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