Chloe & Isabel does it again

Friday, April 4, 2014

So remember Kelsie?? She is the Chloe & Isabel rep who is co-sponsoring my birthday giveaway and who helped me throw the Christmas Sparkle & Shine Party and who also happens to be one of my beautiful sorority sisters? Well...this pretty lady is also now featured on Chloe & Isabel's site as a model!!!! Isn't she gorgeous? 

Photo from Chloe & Isabel Website
Okay, I'm done bragging now because I have two bits of exciting news to share! First, Chloe & Isabel just launched a new part of their spring line and it is to die for. That necklace Kelsie is wearing above? SWOON! I'm not going to list all my favorite pieces here because quite honestly I would be listing them all. (No shame.) AND because I want YOU to go check them out yourselves! ;)

Second, Kelsie is helping me host another C&I party and this time IT WILL BE IN GEORGIA!! So all my girlies who were not able to fly to the frozen tundra in December, it is your time! :) It is almost summer, so why not add some amazing and bright accessories to your wardrobe? Plus, I know I am going to need a break from studying. 

The party is taking place April 24 at my apartment. If you are interested in coming please let me know! Anyone is invited! If you are not able to make it but are still interested in some new bling you can always shop online here

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