Bar Cart DIY

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I have been searching for the perfect bar cart for my dining room for a while now. I have found several that I have fallen in LOVE with...until I saw the price tag. Then my little heart broke in to pieces. 

Seriously?! How cute are these three from Society Social

Pink?! I DIE...$575...dead.

Love the gold...again $575.  
The shape of this one is fabulous...yet again $575 is not.

So what is a girl on a budget to do? Make her own, obviously!!!

I started with this:

BYGEL Utility Cart from IKEA
I know, I is UGLY. But for $24.99...I'm not going to complain too much. Next, I went to the craft store and picked up some gold spray paint.

I went with the Krylon Shimmer Metallic because I used the brand before and I know it works well. I took everything out of the box and set aside the three shelfs and the wheels. I took the rest of the pieces outside (someone actually asked if I did this in my apartment...NO! lol) and started to spray. This part took a while because everything is round so you have to do lots of spinning and waiting to be sure you cover all sides. It also took two cans of spray paint!

After the paint dried I brought it all in to begin assembling.
 I don't actually have a photo of this because, it was kind of really hard. And I got REALLY frustrated. Just imagine me with the wordless IKEA directions and steam coming out of my ears if you really need a visual. After it was all assembled I accessorized! 

The final product!
I actually found most of these things in my apartment, only a few were new purchases! I had a black wine rack already, so I just sprayed it with some of the left over spray paint to give it an updated look! The pineapple glasses were something I found at IKEA last summer, but they look great on the cart. The stem-less wine glasses were a Marshalls find! The coasters came in my Easter basket and the 'L' candle was a Christmas gift, but it is from C.Wonder. I purchased a mason jar from the craft store to hold some paper straws that I ordered in pink and navy from PuppyCatCrafts on Etsy! The tray came from the craft store and was originally an awful yellow color, so I fixed it up with some gold spray paint as well. I found the vase and the flowers at the craft store as well. The more mimosas, please! print was another one of my creations that I put in a white frame. Add a few cute bottles of wine and ta-da! 

I am thinking about adding an ice bucket and perhaps a few stylish bottles of liquor in the future, but for now I am very happy with the way it turned out! 

Here are a few close ups of the decorations: 

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