Mother's Day

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

With Mother's day right around the corner, I thought I would put together some gift ideas because Mommys deserve the most spoiling!

For the pampering-loving mom: 

A gift certificate for a blow out at dry-bar
For the retired mom: 

Some amazing face creme, who doesn't want beautiful skin? 
For the new mom:

Tiny tags! This adorable necklace is customizable with all the babies names! 
For any mom:

This new scent smells amazing. TB did good.
For the fur-mom:

Not a joke, you can video-chat with your pets while you are gone!
For the grand-mom:

A beautiful tea set, with the BEST tea, from Harney & Sons.

Bar Cart DIY

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I have been searching for the perfect bar cart for my dining room for a while now. I have found several that I have fallen in LOVE with...until I saw the price tag. Then my little heart broke in to pieces. 

Seriously?! How cute are these three from Society Social

Pink?! I DIE...$575...dead.

Love the gold...again $575.  
The shape of this one is fabulous...yet again $575 is not.

So what is a girl on a budget to do? Make her own, obviously!!!

I started with this:

BYGEL Utility Cart from IKEA
I know, I is UGLY. But for $24.99...I'm not going to complain too much. Next, I went to the craft store and picked up some gold spray paint.

I went with the Krylon Shimmer Metallic because I used the brand before and I know it works well. I took everything out of the box and set aside the three shelfs and the wheels. I took the rest of the pieces outside (someone actually asked if I did this in my apartment...NO! lol) and started to spray. This part took a while because everything is round so you have to do lots of spinning and waiting to be sure you cover all sides. It also took two cans of spray paint!

After the paint dried I brought it all in to begin assembling.
 I don't actually have a photo of this because, it was kind of really hard. And I got REALLY frustrated. Just imagine me with the wordless IKEA directions and steam coming out of my ears if you really need a visual. After it was all assembled I accessorized! 

The final product!
I actually found most of these things in my apartment, only a few were new purchases! I had a black wine rack already, so I just sprayed it with some of the left over spray paint to give it an updated look! The pineapple glasses were something I found at IKEA last summer, but they look great on the cart. The stem-less wine glasses were a Marshalls find! The coasters came in my Easter basket and the 'L' candle was a Christmas gift, but it is from C.Wonder. I purchased a mason jar from the craft store to hold some paper straws that I ordered in pink and navy from PuppyCatCrafts on Etsy! The tray came from the craft store and was originally an awful yellow color, so I fixed it up with some gold spray paint as well. I found the vase and the flowers at the craft store as well. The more mimosas, please! print was another one of my creations that I put in a white frame. Add a few cute bottles of wine and ta-da! 

I am thinking about adding an ice bucket and perhaps a few stylish bottles of liquor in the future, but for now I am very happy with the way it turned out! 

Here are a few close ups of the decorations: 

Lulu Here...

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I haz hacked Mommy'z computpurrr to sayz Happy Finals week to her friendz. Good Lucks on ur zams, yous do purrrrrrfect.

Oh, nd hers a pikture of my tute face in tase yous feels sadz. 

xoxo, Lulu  

Birthday & Easter Weekend

It seems as though time as gotten away from birthday was over a week ago and I have not yet blogged about it! I'm not sure what is going on. OH WAIT. Yes I am. Finals have begun. I apologize for my absence, if you need me between now and May 9, you can probably find me in the pages of my property book. Or my civil procedure book. 

ANYWHO. My birthday was great! My mom was in town and sweet Morgan threw me a birthday party! We went to a local Mexican place and I got to wear this awesome sombrero. All the waiters sang to was incredibly embarrassing but c'est la vie right? 

Did I mention there were cupcakes involved? Oh yes. YUM

After dinner, I celebrated the only way any 24 year old should... watching Frozen. It was FANTASTIC.
Unfortunately, my mommy left on Saturday so we spent the day shopping in Atlanta before her flight. 

We had so much fun, of course. 
Sunday was Easter and I woke up to find I had been visited by the Easter Bunny! 

He left me an egg hunt
and a basket! 

Hope everyone had a great Easter with their family and friends! For those of you who are nearing the end of your school year, like I am...JUST KEEP SWIMMING...finals are almost over! 

P.S. To all the graduates this year, specifically my KD girlies, Congratulations! I am so proud of you all on entering into the next chapter of your life. AOT 

Party with me!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tonight's the night! I am hosting another Chloe & Isabel jewelry party...this time in Georgia! I would love for y'all to stop on by--- there will be appetizers and of course lots of bling to try on! (and buy!) If you can't make it tonight, please feel free to shop online with me, here! :) 

Did I mention? My girl Kelsie is running a Friends & Family sale right now so if you decide to shop with me and spend $100 you can get 25% off with the code SPRFF25 at checkout!

Just a little preview of what I have in store for tonight! 

Don't forget, Mother's day is just around the corner! I speak from experience, Moms LOVE Chloe & Isabel. 

Stacking 101

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I don't know about y'all but I have always been obsessed with the stacking bracelets trend, but every time I tried...I just didn't love the result. Over past few weeks I have been super diligent about forcing myself to stack. I have so many amazing bracelets that need to get more wear, plus after my first few tries I began to feel much more confident in my stacking abilities. So here I am with some of my attempts as well as helpful hints! 

1| Mix textures- Some of my favorite stacks were the ones that had a larger variety of types of bracelets, not just bangles

2| Start in the middle and work out on either side! 

3| Put the biggest statement piece in the middle- this can be a watch or a larger bracelet. For example, in the photos above I used the pink and navy bracelet as the centerpiece in the bottom middle photo. 

4 | Don't be afraid of a little jingle! Some  bracelets are nosier than others! 

5| Make sure you are comfortable. On some of my attempts I noticed halfway through the day that my wrist felt restricted or that I was constantly checking that my bracelet wasn't scratching my watch. Be mindful of the order you stack in to avoid these issues! 

6| More color = more fun! 

7| Check out Pinterest for inspiration! This was hugely helpful for me. I am also a part of a thread on FB where some lovely ladies I "know" post their daily stacks, these girls are pros! 

8| Mixing metals is not breaking the rules! I always firmly stood by my jewelry for any given day either being all silver or all gold...however I think I may have changed my mind on this one. 

Do you have a favorite stack? Send me photos, I would love to see your creations! Where do you find your favorite bangles? I am officially on the hunt! 

Currently Obsessed!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

1| Frat Boys dancing. Need I say more? This is seriously fabulous. 

2| Saks Fifth Avenue Friends and Family Sale- there is a LOT of amazing stuff included in the sale. 

3| Bourbon and Bowties- these bangles are massively on my wish list right now. Could they be any cuter?

4| Frozen. I know I'm a little late to the party with this one, but my mom got it for me on DVD and I am OBSESSED.  All I'm saying is if someone sent me a stuffed Sven and Olaf, I wouldn't be mad. :)

5| The Starbucks iPhone app. Perhaps, it is just that finals time of the year, but I have never ever made as much use of an app (besides IG) that this Starbucks ones. 

50% off at J.Crew Factory

WOOHOO! This is always the best sale. The entire store is 50% off! Online too! They have some amazing spring and summer pieces in right now so go check it out!! Here is my lust list! 

Striped Sweater | You know me, if there is bling, I'm there.

 Classic Button down | Peaches. Enough said. 

5 in Chino Shorts | Sailboats! How Cute! 

Pink Linen Mini | This design is adorable! 

Wedges | Navy will always be a classic. 

Mod Floral Shift | This green is fabulous! 

Orange Clutch | I love patent and also bright colors. 

Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter Y'all!

And the winner is...

Friday, April 18, 2014

Congratulations to my Birthday Giveaway winner Arielle P.! I hope you love your new Chloe & Isabel bling as much as I do! Please email me within 24 hour to claim your prize! 

25 before 25

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

24. Wow, where has life gone. I have accomplished so much in the past 24 years, and now here I am nearly done with my first year of law school. phew

Making this list has been a bit of a daunting task, because that A-type personality in me is afraid of not crossing everything off, but hey...I have a year right? So, by this time next year, I hope to have accomplished every item on this list. Wish me luck and keep me going! 

1. Have a picnic 
2. Master an inversion pose in yoga
3. Learn how to properly dry my hair with a round brush (lol, I know.)
4. Eat lobster 
5. Get Legally Leslie its own URL  (July 2014)
6. Have a no-buy month
7. Spend a weekend in Savannah, solo
8. Ready 10 new books, that are not school related 
9. Go to church every Sunday for 3 months 
10. Take a trapeze lesson 
11. Have my palms read   (July 2014)
12. Write handwritten notes per month
13. Visit a new state
14. Plant something and have it grow
15. Host a dinner party 
16. Attend the Kentucky Derby / Carolina Cup
17. Break my Dr. Pepper Addiction   (June 2014)
18. Get custom made stationary 
19. Learn to play tennis 
20. Take a cooking class 
21. Stop picking my finger nails (It is really bad, and really yucky.)
22. Meet a bloggy friend IRL 
23. Find and refinish / decorate a really awesome piece of furniture for my dining room (May 2014)
24. Take an areal yoga class 
25. Seriously organize my life, I'm talking no more junk boxes, and everything has one place 

Shop my Closet

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Guess what y'all? I've create a way for you to shop my closet! I go through phases where I become absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of clothing and accessories that I own and I start purging. Unfortunately, I have not found a consignment shop here in Georgia that I I decided to create my own online consignment shop! My need to purge and lack of local consignment shop is your gain, you can now shop my bedroom sized (not kidding) walk-in closet via Instagram. All you need is a PayPal account! 
Follow me @legallylesliecloset

This might make me sound crazy...but I have attachment issues with clothing so I literally have clothes from when I was a skinny you can find just about every size from XS to XL. You never know what you might find so go check it out! ;)


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Y'all! Overnight, my blog hit over 10,000 page views! THIS IS SO EXCITING!
Thank you all for reading my ramblings, I appreciate you oh so much!


Love Like Lacey

This isn't the post I expected to be writing today, but here I am. This morning I woke up to the heartbreaking news that Lacey Holsworth, also known as Princess Lacey passed away early this morning. I posted here the heartwarming story of Michigan State Basketball player Adreian Payne taking this sweet child as his little sister when he visited her in the hospital almost two years ago and the deep friendship that formed between the two since. Lacey was battling cancer and had been in and out of the hospital and while AP may have been her superman, she was a hero and an inspiration to all of Spartan Nation. 
Lacey was only 8 years old and touched more lives than most people will in 100 years. 

Please send your prayers to the Holsworth family and strive every day to Love Like Lacey. 

Rainy Day Essentials

Monday, April 7, 2014

Woah, it has been raining kittens and puppies here today...and yesterday. I'm taking going from perfectly dry to flash floods in seconds. While the rain has made for nice napping weather, it has not been wonderful for my productivity or for staying dry. So I decided to put together a few of my rainy day favorites! Stay dry friends! 

Left to right, top to bottom | Boots- Hunter | Umbrella- Kate Spade | Jacket- The North Face | Rainy Day Flats- Hunter | Umbrella- Kate Spade | Bow Boots- Joules | Jacket- The North Face | Jacket- Hunter 

Birthday Freebies!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Did you know that there are actually a good many retailers and food service locations that give away freebies on your birthday? I didn't until recently, so I figured why not compile a list of my favorites / the ones I will FOR SURE be taking advantage of! 

1| Godiva Rewards members get $10 to spend in store, PLUS a free piece of chocolate. 

Sadly, there isn't a Godiva near me BUT the offer runs throughout the month of your birthday! YIPPIE!
2| Starbucks Rewards members get a free drink on their special day! 

Let's be honest, I've been woking my butt off to get to gold card status...they can pick this one up for me. 
3| Baskin Robbins will give you a free scoop on your birthday!

4|If you sign up for Noodlegrams at Noodles & Co. you get a free bowl of noodles on your birthday...
a small part of my soul might have died upon finding this one...because as great as the Southeast is, they have not yet discovered the delicious-ness that is Noodles & Co. *sobs*
5 | Sign up for Bauble Bar emails and get 20% off during your birth month! 

hmm..decisions, decisions.
6 | Sign up to be a beauty insider at Sephora for a free birthday gift! 

Bring on the beauty products!
7 | Biggby sends all their frequent flyers a card for a free birthday drink! 

Another Michigan wonder...and to whichever lucky KD finds my free drink coupon at the sorority house're welcome, celebrate my birthday for me by getting a ButterBear.
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