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Monday, March 24, 2014

Well, it is certainly no secret that I have a small obsession with accessories, so it is safe to say I am very excited to share this amazing company with y'all. I was introduced to this company by Morgan, because it was started by one of her college girlfriends and I fell in love instantly. So what is this amazing company you ask? It is called Benevolent Jewels. 

//Why am I so obsessed?//
First, their jewelry is simply stunning. I will post photos soon of how I styled my first few pieces, but on top of its super fashionable qualities, it is so so affordable. Being in law school, I don't exactly have dimes to spare but anyone who knows me knows I love being fashionable and styled affordability is huge in my book. However, this is not event the best part. The best part is that Michelle, the founder of the company wanted to make a difference in the world and chose to do so by being an entrepreneur. Every three months, Benevolent Jewels selects a cause and 20% of the profits made for those three months are then donated to said cause. HOW AMAZING IS THAT? Right now the cause is +Works. This three month cycle ends May 21, 2014 so 20% of all purchases made from now until then go to +Works. 

//What is +Works?//
+Works (pronounced positive works) is a nonprofit located in Houston, Texas that was started in 2010. The organization is an anti-bullying program that works to spread awareness about the issues in bullying by using creative means to allow adults and children to stop bullying before it begins. Today, the program has been implemented in 13 Houston area schools. 

You can find out more about +Works by visiting their website here

//What do I love about +Works?//
Bullying became a hot topic during my undergraduate years at Michigan State and I had the opportunity to work on several projects and initiatives dealing with bullying prevention, including this book that one of my classes co-authored and the many events my sorority hosted for the Girl Scouts of greater Lansing to teach them about bullying prevention and self-confidence. Because of these projects anti-bullying projects have always held a special place in my heart so I love seeing new non-profits that are addressing the issue. 

//How am I styling the jewels?//

This watch, part of the Benevolent Jewels spring line. (Can be purchased via Instagram)
This necklace- worn here with Lilly Pulitzer dress.  
And here, over spring break! 
I even got roses from the Rose Bowl Queen while wearing the necklace! 
//How can you find Benevolent Jewels?//
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