February Cara Box Reveal!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Well, today school was cancelled again because of the weather! Who knew that I would get snow days when I moved to Georgia?! It was not actually snowing today, but we have gotten a lot of rain and is very cold. Yuck. However, my day was brightened by this happy little surprise in my mailbox!! This month I was paired with Chelsee from Southern Beauty Guide and Beth from Little Lion Blog for the Cara Box Exchange. While the exchange is now centered around Instagram, both of these lovely ladies happened to have blogs as well! Chelsee posted a here a while back, the box I sent her, and now I am here today to share Beth's uber thoughtful box! 

Besides location, Beth and I had a fair amount in common including our love for warm beverages, coffee shops, stationary and hand written cards. I had the best two months getting to know her and I was practically in tears opening her sweet box! 

Seriously?! Could her wrapping be any cuter? I was so excited to see that little Papyrus bird I could have stopped there and been happy as a clam! 
I was actually so excited, that I opened the box in my car...and squealed like a little girl the entire time. 
Hmm what could it be?!
This sweet lady totally spoiled me!
First, I found a card with a wonderful note. How cute is here little bird stamp?
THE MOST GORGEOUS stationary, and of course a truly wonderful quote about gratitude.  
TEA! I am SO excited to try it, I have recently become a tea fanatic so this was just wonderful to find! 
A little kitty mug filled with Reese's, this girl clearly knows the way to my heart! Not only am I a crazy cat lady who thought the mug was 100% adorable (not silly at all Beth!) but REESES! MY FAVORITE!
Sparkly nail polish, a super unique beeswax candle that I can't wait to burn and a red hand towel. 
Last, but certainly not least this beautiful print! It is on dictionary paper, and the page is for purpose. How truly wonderful! 
Even Lulu was super excited about my Cara Box because she got a super fun box full of crunchy paper to play in after I opened it! 

Beth is truly a sweetheart and I am so thankful to have gotten to know her through this round of Cara Box. 
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