Currently Obsessed: Interwebs Edition

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Weekend y'all! This week was...phew, its over is I guess all I can say. Even with the "snow" day I felt like I was barely keeping my head above water, plus last night's little earthquake sent me into anxiety overdrive. Not to fear, I have a stellar plan for this weekend so I will be on my A-game next week and ahead of my work when I head to Michigan for Jendy's wedding! (WOOOOOOOO I am SO happy these that these two's wedding weekend is finally here!) Oh, and in the mean time? My parents are en route to Daytona Beach for a wild spring break (jk...sorta), luckily for me I live right off I-75 so they have no excuse but to stop and see me! These are just too fun not to share! 

1| 100 Year old BFFs

I apologize that this comes from the worlds most annoying talk show, but these ladies are just too adorable. I hope I am this with it at when I am 100 years old! 

2 | Predict Your Perfect Marriage Date with TIME 

Okay...obsessed may be a bit strong for this one, but it is interesting nonetheless. You log in with your Facebook and it does some sort of friend analysis and tells you if you're keeping up with your friends, when you should be married. Clearly, I am way behind schedule. Ha, such is life. 

Sometimes, you just need a good laugh, and of these is super on point. This IKEA one especially speaks to me. 

This might be entirely based on the fast food chain you select in question 1 (Chick-Fil-A, duh!) but it is still fun! And it totally, in a super unimportant way, validated my choice to move here and want to stay! I mean, c'mmon if Buzzfeed tells me I belong here it must be true right? 

Seriously, what a fun principal! I firmly believe that my mom was this cool of a principal back in her days of commanding those middle school hallways. 

Lulu and I can relate, specifically to numbers 18 and 22.

One final note, yesterday was my Daddy's here is a picture of us on my first day of school! Hellllllloooooo 90s. 

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