Study Break Entertainment

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Since I am in the midst the busiest week ever I will keep this short and sweet. Hope you find these as entertaining as I do! 

1| What Barbie Doll are you? Take this quiz to find out! 

Perfectly fitting if you ask me! 

2| This 4-year old & her mom are the best. 

This will be my child. 

3| Queen Bey's words of advice.

1- She is perfect. 2- My insane week may be fueling this one. 

4| This photo posted on the Kappa Delta HQ Instagram this morning....Brad Pitt on a KD date party! 

Lucky Lady! 

5| This info-graphic of Oscar Winning Best Actress dresses! 

HOW COOL!!?!??!? I will take one of each please! 

Happy *almost* Friday y'all!

And the winner is...

Big thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to my winner! 

Stay tuned...this giveaway thing is kinda fun! ;) 

Wedding Weekend!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

First of all, I want to say a ginormous Congratulations to Andy & Jenny for finally tying the knot! Y'all are such a beautiful couple and I feel so luck to have been a part of your big day! 

Seriously, could they be more adorable? 
I know Jenny & Andy from MSU, so this weekend I headed back to the mitten to celebrate their wedding day. 
I was super happy to FINALLY find the Detroit Starbucks Mug! Wohoo!
Hotel Lobby, so pretty!  

Beautiful center pieces! 
Umm cute! Macaroons! 
I had an absolute blast at the wedding. Everything about it was beautiful and elegant and it was so wonderful to see many friends I had not seen in a while and of course dance the night away!

Shameless Selfie! 
Obviously I have to share my outfit of the night! :) I quite liked it!

Dress- BCBG | Clutch- Michael Kors | Shoes- Madewell (no longer available but same style here) | Bracelet- Banana Republic (Old, but I'm digging this one) | Earrings- Amazon | Ring- Chloe & Isabel 

Naked 3 Giveaway Winners

Friday, February 21, 2014

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, we had over 13,000 entries! Wow! Congrats to our two winners :

                  Jacqueline W.
                     Alyssa B.

Both winners have been emailed and have 48 hours to respond to claim their palette. 

I hope your enjoy your new palettes! 

Don't forget to enter my next giveaway for three inspirational quote prints made by yours truly! 

I'm feeling Creative...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another giveaway!! I am currently in the processor redecorating / organizing my workspace in my apartment and I decided I needed some wall art. But instead of buying new stuff, I created some of my own! So many of my lovely followers expressed how much they liked what I created I have decided to give away THREE framed versions of my little creations! The winner will get her choice of the following motivation themed prints OR if the winner has a specific Bible verse or quote they prefer instead, they can choose to substitute one of their prints with a custom print. My workspace area is themed with pink, gold and black so those are what I have created, however winner has their pick of the color they want all three of their prints to be! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Radiant is even fun to say! This year's pantone color of the year is beautiful! It is perfect for both spring and summer. I know that some people have a huge aversion to wearing purples in fear of looking like Barney, but I've pulled together a few of my favorites in proof that is just not the case! 

Clockwise Sperry Top-Sider- Original Leather Boat Shoe | Loren Hope- Perta Earrings | Kate Spade- Carol Park Mini Penelope | Lilly Pulitzer- Selassie Dress | Kate Spade- Metro Watch | J.Crew Factory- Pleated Skirt in Violet Fuchsia | Cole Haan- Grant Driving Loafer | Butter London- Molly Coddled | Lilly Pulitzer- Elsa in Va Voom Purple

Currently Obsessed: Interwebs Edition

Happy Weekend y'all! This week was...phew, its over is I guess all I can say. Even with the "snow" day I felt like I was barely keeping my head above water, plus last night's little earthquake sent me into anxiety overdrive. Not to fear, I have a stellar plan for this weekend so I will be on my A-game next week and ahead of my work when I head to Michigan for Jendy's wedding! (WOOOOOOOO I am SO happy these that these two's wedding weekend is finally here!) Oh, and in the mean time? My parents are en route to Daytona Beach for a wild spring break (jk...sorta), luckily for me I live right off I-75 so they have no excuse but to stop and see me! These are just too fun not to share! 

1| 100 Year old BFFs

I apologize that this comes from the worlds most annoying talk show, but these ladies are just too adorable. I hope I am this with it at when I am 100 years old! 

2 | Predict Your Perfect Marriage Date with TIME 

Okay...obsessed may be a bit strong for this one, but it is interesting nonetheless. You log in with your Facebook and it does some sort of friend analysis and tells you if you're keeping up with your friends, when you should be married. Clearly, I am way behind schedule. Ha, such is life. 

Sometimes, you just need a good laugh, and of these is super on point. This IKEA one especially speaks to me. 

This might be entirely based on the fast food chain you select in question 1 (Chick-Fil-A, duh!) but it is still fun! And it totally, in a super unimportant way, validated my choice to move here and want to stay! I mean, c'mmon if Buzzfeed tells me I belong here it must be true right? 

Seriously, what a fun principal! I firmly believe that my mom was this cool of a principal back in her days of commanding those middle school hallways. 

Lulu and I can relate, specifically to numbers 18 and 22.

One final note, yesterday was my Daddy's here is a picture of us on my first day of school! Hellllllloooooo 90s. 

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

It is no secret that I am a Lilly Lover and every season there are one or two items from the newest line that I would like to add to my collection. This spring, however, OMIGOODNESS I am obsessed with the new prints and styles. Normally, I can talk myself out of "needing" a dress by telling myself I will be able to find it way cheaper on eBay or a resale page when someone decides they don't like it anymore, or during the ESS or NYC sales, and generally its true. But no, this season I am SO SO in love with that I want it all now so I can start wearing it immediately. I'm not sure if it is that this season was inspired by the state of Georgia and different historic cities, such as Savannah, or if I am just dying for some warmer weather but either way this season is just speaking to me. So here they are, my must haves of the spring line...keep in mind these are just from the first two releases...there might be one more because there were a couple dresses in the look book that I got that have not yet appeared on
Braylen Top in Resort White in the Garden

Briella Fit & Flare Dress in Pool Blue Southern Charm

Delia Dress in Shorely Blue Mojo 
Delia Dress in Resort White Stinger Large Glitter
Delia Dress in Bright Navy Fountain Hopping Engineered

Eaton Dress in Resort White in the Garden

Liz Dress in Limeade Roar of the Jungle

Matyson Dress in Bright Navy Escape Artist Long Engineered

Payton Sweetheart Dress in Pop Pink Savvy Floral Organza Embroidery 
Riley Infinity Loop Scarf in Iris Blue Chablis Scarf
Skinny Bow Tie Belt in Shorely Blue
Goodie Goodie Necklace
Kat Kitten Heel
Tumbler in Multi Elephant Ears
Hand Painted Wine Glass in Resort White cute for a birthday!? *ahem* It is one of my favorite prints...I am just saying. ;) 
Koozie! I'll probably just need one in every color for laying by the pool this summer since I'm currently unemployed. *sigh* 

February Cara Box Reveal!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Well, today school was cancelled again because of the weather! Who knew that I would get snow days when I moved to Georgia?! It was not actually snowing today, but we have gotten a lot of rain and is very cold. Yuck. However, my day was brightened by this happy little surprise in my mailbox!! This month I was paired with Chelsee from Southern Beauty Guide and Beth from Little Lion Blog for the Cara Box Exchange. While the exchange is now centered around Instagram, both of these lovely ladies happened to have blogs as well! Chelsee posted a here a while back, the box I sent her, and now I am here today to share Beth's uber thoughtful box! 

Besides location, Beth and I had a fair amount in common including our love for warm beverages, coffee shops, stationary and hand written cards. I had the best two months getting to know her and I was practically in tears opening her sweet box! 

Seriously?! Could her wrapping be any cuter? I was so excited to see that little Papyrus bird I could have stopped there and been happy as a clam! 
I was actually so excited, that I opened the box in my car...and squealed like a little girl the entire time. 
Hmm what could it be?!
This sweet lady totally spoiled me!
First, I found a card with a wonderful note. How cute is here little bird stamp?
THE MOST GORGEOUS stationary, and of course a truly wonderful quote about gratitude.  
TEA! I am SO excited to try it, I have recently become a tea fanatic so this was just wonderful to find! 
A little kitty mug filled with Reese's, this girl clearly knows the way to my heart! Not only am I a crazy cat lady who thought the mug was 100% adorable (not silly at all Beth!) but REESES! MY FAVORITE!
Sparkly nail polish, a super unique beeswax candle that I can't wait to burn and a red hand towel. 
Last, but certainly not least this beautiful print! It is on dictionary paper, and the page is for purpose. How truly wonderful! 
Even Lulu was super excited about my Cara Box because she got a super fun box full of crunchy paper to play in after I opened it! 

Beth is truly a sweetheart and I am so thankful to have gotten to know her through this round of Cara Box. 
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