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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I wish I were joking about this, but I am currently typing this post from the elliptical trainer at my gym...on my iPhone...for those of you thinking I'm not getting in a good workout, you're wrong. Although, if I end up in a cast tomorrow you'll know why. (I'm the queen bee of multitasking, and I promised to be a better, more frequent blogger this year.)

Classes started this week and holy guacamole life has been busy! We went from taking 13 credits last semester to 17 this semester. On the docket for this semester is legal professionalism, judgments and jurisdictions, legal research, property, contracts 2, and legal writing. Yes. That is six classes. Luckily, all my professors seem fabulous, not that I expected any less. I am seriously looking forward to the rest of the semester as well as being back in my routine. 

As much as I enjoyed my break...I also am a creature if habit and I love schedules. 

In paleo news, Mo and I have been wildly successful. We honestly have not had a dud recipe yet. And don't y'all worry, my next post will be a paleo diaries part 2 with more recipes. 

While it seems like I've hardly had any time between classes and homework and cooking delicious paleo meals, I did have time to cancel my cable...(yes this girl is cable free, more on that later!), attend our first bible study of the semester and do some Cara Box shopping for my lovely partner Chelsee! I am also so so looking forward to this weekend, because I have been working with Mo's sister Mads to plan an engagement party for Mo and E and it's finally that time! Obviously I will post about that next week. Also this weekend, it's Mo's 22nd birthday. (Yes, this makes me feel incredibly old) We have a big night planned full of sushi and rocking out to T.Swift. (I don't know about you, she's feeling 22!)

Stay tuned for a more exciting post, aka our paleo recipes! 

For those of you who didn't believe me...

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