Snow Days!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Let me preface this post by saying the Michigan girl in me found this whole ordeal quite hilarious, however where I live in middle Georgia is not only 100% NOT prepared for any type of winter-y storm but the people that live there have also never seen more than a dusting in their lives. 

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed that all of my boards have been reorganized and I pinned a lot of new stuff...this is not because I have been slacking at school but because I have not had school in almost three days...and the entire city has been shut down. I'm not even kidding, Mo and I tried to go to the mall yesterday...EVERY store was closed and there was ONE restaurant open.  Of course, if you watch the news at all I'm sure you have seen photos and video of the madness that took place in Atlanta due to this snow storm. There has been a lot of reaction saying that people overreacted, which is probably true, however it must be kept in mind that these people have no idea how to deal with snow. The entire city of Atlanta has 10 snow trucks. Detroit for example, has closer to 50...and the size difference as far as square miles of the two cities is negligible (almost 8 square miles to be exact.) 

Anyway...on Tuesday I went to my first two classes as normal and everyone was in a panic. I had checked the weather and saw that we were expected to get between 1-4 inches of snow and while I thought it was odd I was like okay people big freaking deal, that is still totally drivable. The university however cancelled class for the rest of the day and said stay tuned for updates about Wednesday. 

This is what it looked like when I got home from nothing.

A few hours later we got word that Wednesday classes would be cancelled, by this time it was raining but it was still almost 40*. 

By this time my apt complex had closed off  due to weather conditions the road that leads to my apt. This is just a little baby silly. 
Eventually the rain turned to snow. It was the first snow Coconut (my car) had seen in a long time!
It started coming down pretty hard. 
Mo was so so excited and she insisted we go play in the snow. We walked around our apartment complex in search of the best hill so we could go sledding. Of course we didn't actually have sleds so we used lids to those big tupperware storage boxes. 

It was actually quite pretty! 

Mo was like a little kid on Christmas. 

Seeing snow on Palm trees was just cracking me up!

Swimming anyone?

We actually got in our  bathing suits and got in the hot tub! It was really fun, but VERY cold when we got out! 
I left out all my snow scrapers so my neighbors could borrow them in the morning if they had to head into work!

NABS was SO SO excited about the snow...she made me a snowman! I tell you what, these Georgians are just so cute when it comes to being excited about snow!
The view when I woke up Wednesday morning

We still have a partial snow day today (Thursday), only afternoon classes are in session. It is funny to think that I would have NEVER gotten a day off school in Michigan for 4 inches of snow, yet here in Georgia I have had three days off! 

This was Lulu's first snow. 
She was not sure what to think about it...she certainly didn't like the cold....but she enjoyed having Mommy home for a few days :) 

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