New Chloe and Isabel Jewelry Launched!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Obviously I'm obsessed. Chloe & Isabel just released some of their spring and it is to.die.for. Give me navy and pink and you know I'll be all over that like butter on a roll. Then add in a little nautical inspiration and we have hit the jackpot! 

So what you ask, are MY favorites? Well...

Hello my pretties. Shoot, I don't even wear dangly earrings and I would wear these. 
Pink.Charcoal.Bling. Enough said. 
GIMMIE! This is comes with a second chain to replace the navy rope. Love times 1000000
I have this ring in green, and in case anyone forgot my favorite color is pink, so this is an automatic LOVE! 
See? I wasn't kidding! Amazing! Head over to my girl Kelsie's online boutique to shop the rest of the new collection. Oh yeah, remember that amazing jewelry party I had that I mentioned here? Well, all that goodness is still online too! 

In other news, all this law school reading is making me go blind! (Sorta.) BUT my new glasses just got here, what do y'all think?

lol, jk.

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