Going Paleo

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mo & I have both returned safely to school and we have some big / interesting changes to share! We have decided to try going paleo. Basically, we focus on eating proteins, veggies and fruits with no dairy, and no breads. We will of course continue our exercise routine, but we decided that we really needed to focus on eating right. Essentially, we are sticking to fresh and all natural foods. I will try to post our meals as much as possible...hopefully we will find some great recipes. 

Today we created a meal plan for the next week and a half, made a grocery list and went to the store AND ate our first two paleo meals! 

Our meal plan 
Lunch: Avocado Tuna Salad 
Dinner: Spicy Siracha grilled Chicken with asparagus 
Both turned out so so well, and they were incredibly easy. They are both for sure going to be repeats in our repertoire. Mo mentioned photo blogging our journey, so I will keep y'all posted on that and like I said, I will attempt to post all the recipes we try!

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