End of 2013, Beginning of 2014

Thursday, January 2, 2014

So, you would think that not having school work would give me all the time in the world to blog...but I have been so, so bad. I think my lack of structured schedule has allowed me to slack in the blogging department. But not to fear, I have been up to all sorts of fun things so we have lots to catch up on! 

First and foremost, happy 2014 y'all! My year started off great with a BIG SPARTAN WIN yesterday at the Rose Bowl! It was a fantastic game and words cannot describe how proud I am to be a Spartan. I so wish I could have been in Pasadena for the game but I had a good time regardless. Britt and her boyfriend J braved the crazy snow storm to come over and watch the game at my house! We made some appetizers, chili and of course a special Spartan Cocktail! (I will post the recipe later!)

Spartan Cocktail!
Yummy 7-layer dip!
Today, my mom took me to her "Stampin Up" class where I got to make a bunch of super cute cards. My mom is a card making guru, so while mine are not nearly as artful and crafty as hers....I am still pretty proud of them. :) If you have an upcoming birthday or special event...OR if you want to be my Valentine...keep an eye out because you just MIGHT get one of these babies in the mail! 

How crafty am I? But seriously, who wants to be my Valentine? ;)
I rang in the new year with my sweet cousins M & N and their friend S. The parents were out on a progressive dinner so we spent the evening playing Just Dance on the Wii and watching Despicable Me 2. (...probably one of my favorite movies!) It was a pretty low-key new year, but I got wonderful new year's hugs before the girlies fell asleep. 

NYE Sleepover by the Christmas tree! 
The fun didn't stop there. Last weekend I was invited on J's bachelorette party. We had SO much fun. Her sister had arranged a limo to take us out downtown Royal Oak. We went to Tequila Blue which is a dueling piano bar downstairs and a nightclub upstairs. It was a night full of dancing, champagne and Moscow Mules. I cannot wait for the wedding! 

I gave J this adorable Minimergency Kit for Brides! So cute! 
Me & the beautiful Bride to be! 
Bride to be & MOH

I know I have mentioned this before, but if you have not yet shopped Chloe & Isabel...you need to. I had ordered a bunch of gifts at my pop-up shop party...which of course didn't show up until AFTER Christmas. But, nonetheless I was so happy with everything I ordered. The quality is really nice and the pieces are just so unique.

Hedgehog ring & stacking jewel ring
Flower earrings & Bow necklace
Christmas was wonderful, despite the fact that all my gifts were stuck in the mail. (Thanks FedEx) It was great to spend time with family. I made my favorite baby caprice salads, per usual, as appetizers for my family. My parents gave the girls sleeping bags, safe to say that was a big hit. Christmas eve dinner with our favorite family friends was great, as always. Every year we shut down the restaurant, and this year was no different. Sadly, I didn't get a good photo of the three of us 'kids' but it was so great for the three of us to be reunited. Me (the cat lady), L (the knitting lady) and C (the pigeon herder) always crack ourselves up...and obviously give our parents lots to be proud of. ;)  

Seriously, so adorable. 
How cute! 
 In addition to my recipe post, I have an OOTD post in the works for all these fun outings I have been going on...most of which include Bean Boots, a parka and a full-body snowsuit that is required to brave the tundra, so stay tuned for those! 
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