Currently Obsessed: Engagement Edition

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It seems like every time I log onto my Facebook, another one of my friends has gotten engaged (or married), so this post seems fitting. As a 20-something, I anticipate my next, let's say, 10 years are going to be filled with friends weddings. I am certainly at 'that' age. The post-graduation, pre-baby stage where many people find 'the one' and begin their life together with someone else. I, for one, have two weddings to go to for close friends in the next six months, and I am sure that many people my age are in the same boat. I am a huge proponent of thoughtful gifts, I mean who isn't, but sometimes in the midst of life creative gift-giving flies out the window. Not to worry, here I am with what I consider some super awesome engagement / shower / wedding gifts! Yes, I do understand that people create registries for a reason, but these are all nice supplementals to those things the couple has already registered for, and are most likely NOT something they will be expecting, but will surely be something they love. 

1- Kate Spade Yours & Mine DOF glasses. These are so unique. I love gifts that encourage date nights. :) (DOF= double old fashioned for those not so well versed in barware) 

2- C.Wonder Monogramed Cheeseboard & Spread knife: Perfect for the couple that loves to host dinner parties or just loves appetizers...or cheese. 

3. C.Wonder Monogramed Wine Stopper: New last name = new monogram...I can almost guarantee anything with that new monogram will be a hit. 

4. Invitation Box Self-Inking Return address stamp: There are two ways to do this one, if you know the couples, if not, you can get them a gift certificate for one. They also make embossers. Both come in eight-billion different styles. If you've ever gotten a letter from me, you have seen an example of one. I am OBSESSED with mine. Plus, for a newlywed couple...they're going to have some thank you's to send out, so its perfect! 

5- Crate & Barrel Champagne Flutes- The couple is going to have lots of toasting to do, so why not get them some nifty flutes to do it with! Of course, some couples will have registered for specific flutes they like or others may have a family heirloom that is passed down...but they are still a great gift! 

Did I mention that every single one of these gifts is under $50?! I know that is huge for me being on that law school budget...but if you do happen to have a bigger budget you can always add on other coordinating items like a bottle of wine or Champagne.

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