A Weekend of Celebrations

Monday, January 20, 2014

As I mentioned here, I headed to Atlanta this weekend to celebrate Mo's birthday as well as attend an engagement party for her and E! It was a fantastic weekend! I arrived on Saturday and met Mo & E at a coffee shop in Dunwoody called Crema. It is a cute little shop that not only serves exquisitely handmade coffee and tea beverages but also some seriously delicious food. Mo's sister Mads also happens to work there. I arrived a little early, but luckily I had brought my books so I got a bit of reading in! 

Doesn't my salad look delicious? I had already stirred my drink when I took this photo, but normally they are served with beautiful layers! 
I know these are NOT paleo, but it was a weekend of celebration so they don't count right? 
After lunch E and I ran a few errands (namely going to the Goodwill so he could pick up a few silly things for Mo's birthday present) while Mo went bridesmaid dress shopping with her friend Mack. Mo is standing up in her wedding as her matron of honor in October! How sweet! It seems like everyone is getting married and engaged...but I supposed that is just because of the age I am! After we all got ready and headed to this delicious little taqueria in Brookhaven called Verde. We decided to have the engagement party here since we had such a large group, and Mo wanted it to be more casual. On top of it all, their food is delicious! We had such a wonderful time and it was so nice to FINALLY be able to celebrate this sweet couple with their families and *most* of the wedding party! 

I have also included OOTD details in this post for all my little outings! I have not done this in a while and I thought it would be a fun addition to this eventful post! 
Aren't they just too cute for words? 
This is what I wore to the engagement party!
TOP-Lilly Pulitzer (No longer available online, but similar HERE/ LEGGINGS-J.Crew/BOOTS-Sam Eidelman/ NECKLACE-Chloe & Isabel/
RING- Chloe & Isabel/ EARRINGS-Tiffany & Co 
Sunday morning Mo & I met E at Starbucks for a quick coffee before we headed to Church. E plays in the Church band, so he had left early that morning and the coffee was a nice pick me up before the service. I don't really drink coffee (I know, I know I am probably the only law student in the world who doesn't) so I had a tea instead. 

The flavor I had was so delicious, it was Youthberry by Teavanna
Sunday was also Mo's 22nd birthday! After church we headed back to E's house where his sweet parents had made us a delicious lunch! We had grilled salmon, steamed squash, a salad and some strawberries. Then, of course we sang happy birthday and had some cake! 

Mo & her cute little cake! 
I know, I know, so NOT paleo....but it was her birthday so we had to! 
22 candles on the little baby cake
Me lighting the candles...against all my baby lawyer better judgment I used a blow-torch because there were so many candles. It surprisingly worked really well. 
After lunch, Mo, E and I had a birthday coffee with her mom and sister then attempted to hit every place Mo could get free things for her birthday! We stopped at DSW and Mo found her wedding shoes AND the bridesmaid's shoes! (No, those were not free, but it was productive) We also stopped at Godiva...I certainly didn't know this but if you are a member of their rewards program you get $10 to spend in the store for your birthday! How awesome is that! Plus, you also get a free piece of chocolate every month if you are a member!  I signed up. Mo' even got a whole thing of chocolate covered strawberries for $2 with her $10 gift! Sunday night, we went out to a sushi place in Buckhead called Ru San's. E's friend D joined us to celebrate. The sushi was delicious and I even tried calamari. (Anyone who knows me knows this is a huge step!)  

Mo even got a free birthday dessert! 
This is what I wore for church, and dinner on Mo's birthday! TOP-Loft/ SWEATER-Loft/ PANTS-Banana Republic/ SHOES-J.Crew Factory/ NECKLACE-Chloe & Isabel/ EARRINGS-Tiffany & Co 
Luckily, we did not have class today since it was MLK day so I have been able to catch up on laundry and homework for the week. I have actually been rather productive. I also tried a new paleo recipe...its currently in the crock pot, don't worry I will post the recipe and review later! (Hopefully, its yummy) Mo and I have this weeks meals already planned and we have some new recipes on tap so there will be more of that coming your way. 

I hope those of you who had today off had a wonderful and relaxing day...and if you didn't...I hope y'all had a great day too! 
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