Half-way there, Living on a Prayer

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Well, I am officially half-way done with finals. Civil Procedure and Torts are done, Contracts and Criminal Law are Monday and Wednesday this week. *phew* Then I get a nice break, filled of course with applying for jobs, but at least its a break from studying! 

On Friday, I went to Atlanta to see Mo and E. While E was at work, Mo and I climbed Stone Mountain! It was really fun! Although, I did think I was going to die, Mo dragged me up to the top, and the view was absolutely worth it.

All the big buildings on the horizon is Downtown Atlanta.
Me, obviously. p.s. The sky actually looked like this, no filter needed!

Mo & I
The Stone Mountain Park was pretty cool also, in the winter they make fake snow and have snow tubing. Being from Michigan, it was kind of hilarious, but it did look pretty fun! 

In the front is the baby area where the little kids can build snow men! Behind is the carving on the face of the mountain!

After we hiked the mountain we made some yummy holiday appetizers to take to E's brother and sister-in-law's game night. (Don't worry, I will post recipes soon because they were super festive and delicious!) At game night, we played Bowl, which I had never played before. It was a riot. Basically you split into two teams and every person writes three things on slips of paper. They can be anything from people, to places to things to sangs. There are three rounds, the first is description, the second is acting, the third is one word. Each round person is timed and the round ends when all the slips have been guessed. It is kind of like charades where your team has to guess what is on your slip! My team won both games! :)  I ended up staying in Atlanta for the night and came back Saturday afternoon which was nice because Mo and I got a LOT of studying done for our contracts exam! But, Lulu clearly super missed me because she would not leave my side when I got home.

Look at that face.
I have no idea how she fell asleep like this, but if I moved, she would fall...so I had to stay and cuddle. :)
Stay tuned for the delicious appetizer recipes! And, wish me luck on my last two finals! 
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