Thankful for Friends

Monday, November 25, 2013

I am tearing myself away from my 45 page contracts outline to write this post, because these things are just too wonderful not to share! 

In my last post, I revealed that my sweet Mo got in engaged, and now I am so so excited and honored to announce that she has asked me to be one of her bridesmaids! On Sunday, I traveled to Atlanta to visit her. Originally, we had planned to wedding dress shopping, but since she had already found her dream dress we just had planned a day looking at bridal shops getting ideas for her bridesmaid dresses, veil, shoes etc. When I arrived she presented me with this: 

A poem and a cupcake!

It was wedding cake flavored and so so yummy! 
I am honored to be a part of Mo & E's big day in such a special way, as Mo said, we are 1L partners in crime. Amazingly, we found dresses on Sunday! They look fantastic on all of us, and it was a very unexpected find! It was a great day in Atlanta, I even had time to stop by the Lilly Pulitzer store! 

Somehow, I was able to resist these beauties at the LP store before heading back home to get ready for Friendsgiving! (Sunday was a seriously fun day!) One of the girls in my class, HB, planned a Friendsgiving potluck for everyone who was still in town. We had such a great time, with some delicious food. 

Yum! Who knew law students could cook!? 
The girls! (With the boys photo bombing us of course.)
The whole crew! Happy Friendsgiving! 
I am thankful to be surrounded by so many amazing people in law school, and of course I am very grateful to be in law school (even though it might just be the death of me.) With finals approaching, rather quickly, its safe to say its been 1L (heehee) of a semester and I certainly can not wait to see what the next five semesters bring. 

Thank you everyone for your continuing support, I would not make it if it were not for my amazingly supportive friends and of course family. I will be buried in books between now and Thanksgiving (except for a quick trip back to Michigan) so I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with those that they love. And if you are traveling, be safe. 

Back to studying for me. 

p.s. Lulu had a follow up vet appointment today---she is FINALLY 100% healthy! Yet another thing I am thankful for! She says "Meowwy Meowmeows" which is kitten for Happy Thanksgiving! 

Even though she was slightly tramatized, I loved that she just wanted to cuddle with me. :) 
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