How I (we) do it: Balancing school, exercise and eating healty

Saturday, November 2, 2013

November 1st marks exactly one month of me working out every.single.weekday. (yes, there have been a few exceptions, but for the most part its been a 5 days a week deal. Quite honestly, I don't think I would be on the track that I am if it were not for Mo. This girl drags my booty to the gym every day after we get home from torts, and I am so thankful for her. Now that I have been going consistently, she does not have to drag me, I go on my own because it is part of my routine. But at first, there were days where she literally was knocking on my door telling me to get my shoes on and go.

I went from being SUPER active in high school, I'm talking running 60+ miles per week and having 5-8 hours of dance class per week, to basically nothing in college. Truthfully, I was burned out. But, even after what would be a normal hiatus for a die-hard athlete, I could come up with every excuse in the book to not lace up my running shoes. I often found my self doing really well for a short period of time, but as soon as life got busy I would let my exercise routine fall aside. I certainly had times were I would push my self, but it was not consistent.  I know many of you are thinking, wait a minuet, this girl ran two half-marathons this year. And yes, I did, but admittedly I hardly trained for either one (sorry Mom!). I know it sounds kind of crazy, just getting up and running 13.1 miles randomly, but as I mentioned before, as an avid runner for a good portion of my life it was something I knew I was capable of if I set my mind to it. Granted, my race times as well as my pain for the week or so after the race showed my lack of preparation, and I don't recommend doing what I did, but this is all beside the point.

When I came to law school I made a promise to myself that I would get healthy. It seemed a little crazy at the time, knowing I was about to be inundated with reading assignments and stress but since it would be a big change, why not make another big change. So, every day right around 4:30 Mo and I head to the gym in our complex for our daily workout. Generally, we do 1 hour of cardio (she bikes, I use the elliptical) followed by a weight routine that we vary each day. On Wednesdays, we only do 30 minuets of cardio because that is generally the day we have the most homework so we need extra time.

Typical Elliptical day! According to my online tracker, the calorie tracker on the elliptical is really inaccurate.  
 In addition to our workout routine, we also take turns cooking healthy dinners after the gym! We hold each other accountable for healthy eating, plus it is way easier to cook for 2 than for 1, AND since we alternate, we each get breaks from cooking. We both agree that this is the most important part of our routine. Because of our busy schedules and workload it is so easy to want to run though the drive through because its fast and requires minimal effort...meaning more study time. However it is not really a healthy choice and even though its cheap it adds up! Here are some examples of some of our healthy dinners! I may do a recipe post later....but generally I just go off the cuff and don't really use recipes. 

Baked herb chicken & risotto 
Spaghetti squash chicken "pasta"

Grilled chicken salad 
Gluten-free apple crisp! 
 All of the above recipes are so easy and delicious! I will continue to update on my progress as well as any new yummy recipes!


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