And the worst blogger of the month award goes to....

Sunday, October 13, 2013

This girl. 

Where do I even start? Life has gotten away from me in the past few weeks, clearly, so I guess a recap is the best way to begin. 

1- Our football team continued their winning streak. (only to lose it on the road the next weekend, but hey, it is our first season) 

Mo and I in the student section! 
2- I was initiated into my school's chapter of Phi Alpha Delta! 

Most of the newly initiated at the reception! 

3- Team Rainmakers played in the Kicks 4 Komen kickball tournament...AND defeated the professor team! 

Team Rainmakers
4- I saw Luke Bryan, again, on his Farm Tour. It was an amazingly fun night! 

J & me. 
Me, NABS, and K. 
Speedy & me. 
C & me. 
5- I FINALLY framed and hung my diplomas! (The hanging part was a HUGE accomplishment in it self).

6- I became a kitty mommy!

More on my sweet little girl later :)
7- My Spartans won their homecoming game, even though I sadly was not there. 

8- I attended my first UGA game! Unfortunately, the Dawgs lost, but it was still a fun time! 

NABS & me at the game! 
9- It is starting to be fall here in Georgia, chilly mornings but warm days. 

10- I am officially halfway done with my first semester of law school....WHAT? 
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