Freakers Ball & Baby Kitten

Sunday, October 27, 2013

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Student Bar Association puts on a Halloween party every year, costumes are required. The ball took place on Thursday, and I went as Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Everyone had such creative costumes, and the whole night was a blast! 

Mo & I as Minnie and Audrey before we headed to the ball
Audrey, Minnie & some Beanie Babies
Wanda & Audrey! (Her boyfriend was cute!)

Me & Superman :) 
Audrey, Superman, Riding Hood, Big Bad Wolf & a Golden Snitch. (see I told you, creative!)
Minnie, Audrey & our favorite Torts Nerd. :)
Audrey & the Lone Ranger
Me with Minnie & Mickey! :) 
me and Urkel

The ball was so much fun! I for sure danced my booty off. Because the ball was Thursday, and some of us had class Friday, Mo and I decided that our fellow classmates would appreciate a little Halloween treat! So we made cake pops! 

They were not the most beautiful cake pops ever, but they did taste good! 
We found the Halloween themed cake pop sticks at JoAnn's a while back and we just used a boxed cake mix, frosting and melting chocolate that we dyed orange for the coating! On Halloween Mo and I decided we are going to pass out candy to the little munchkins in the complex! Yay! I hope they have super adorable costumes.

We are finally experiencing fall here in Georgia!! And by fall I mean that its not 80 degrees during the day. It has been in the 50s-60s pretty much all weekend. After seeing the SNOWY forecast that some of my Michigan friends were dealing with this week, I feel like a huge baby saying this but, this 50 degree weather is kinda cold. Like, I'm wearing long pants and jackets cold.

I did get to break out my puffy vests so that makes me happy!
BUT, I do kind of feel like a big wimp for being cold in 50 degree weather. Thanksgiving in Michigan might be rough.

If you don't follow me on Instagram, you probably don't see my daily onslaught of Lulu please, indulge yourself here:

This is what she is doing as I type this post. What can I say, she's a blogger kitty. 
As you can see, she is really adorable and super cuddly and love love loves laying down right smack dab in the middle of what I am trying to read. But seriously, how can I be mad at that little face? We did have a little kitten drama this week, unfortunately. I had to take my sweet little girl to the vet and it turned out that she had a UTI, was severely dehydrated, underweight, oh, and the people I adopted her from had lied to me about her shots. *grumble grumble* Anyway, by the time we left her appointment she had been stuck with 5 needles and was a very unhappy little baby. Thankfully, she is doing much better and only hates me for 2 minuets each day when I have to give her antibiotics. (YUCK)

Well, it is back to the books for me! We have a mid-term this week *eek* so I am in full on study mode. (let's be honest...when am I not in full on study mode) Happy Sunday Y'all!

How I did Halloween: Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Every year, the Student Bar Association puts on a Halloween party for the law school called the Freakers Ball (more on this later). Since, its a Halloween party, costumes are required. Generally, I am not a huge fan of Halloween, I only dressed up because, well, if I didn't then my social calendar for the 5 days before and after October 31 would have been really depressing.  Last year, Sponge and I came up with super amazing costumes...we went as toddlers and tiaras. 

Halloween 2012

I wasn't really sure how I was going to top that, plus being on a strict budget I needed something that I could pretty much pull together from my closet. Enter Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's. 

This was the final product! (Don't worry there will be lots more photos when I post about Freakers!
Step 1: Find the perfect LBD. The great thing about Audrey is her style is so classic, you can pull off the look with pretty much any dress that has a higher neckline .

I had this dress from LOFT, and it worked perfectly!
Step 2: Accessorize! Class Audrey needs pearls, blingy earrings, long black gloves, a tiara, a cigarette holder and of course the big black sunnies. For the sunglasses, I used my knock off Prada Baroque glasses that I posted about here. They worked so well. For the pearls, I wore two strands of my grandmother's pearls. Really, any multiple strand pearl necklace would work perfectly. For example this double strand at Charming Charlie's is great, and only $18! Next, blingy earrings, and tiara- unfortunately, I didn't have these things on hand, but I was able to find them for cheap on amazon!  

So sparkly!
Technically, its not a tiara but it worked perfectly! Purchased here!
Finally, long black gloves and a cigarette holder. You can find these either on amazon or at any party or costume store!

For hair and makeup, I followed this tutorial:

Stay tuned for more on Freakers Ball! What is your costume plan?!

Kate Spade Friends & Family!

Friday, October 18, 2013

No secrets here, I'm a Kate Spade fanatic. Her style is just so classic, and of course full of bows. What's not to love? The KS Friends and Family Sale is on! The code (Fall13FF) applies for 30% everything, except the coveted Beau Bag. Even sale items! 

Here is what is on my radar:
These Mr. & Mrs. highball glasses...for a certain someone who has a wedding in her future. :) 

Celina Dress- I love the style, the stripes and the color! 

Emery Sunglasses- what a great shape!

Skinny Mini Pearl Drop Earrings- Bows & Pearls, duh!

Cobbel Hill Mini Minka- the empire grey color is to.die.for.
Happy shopping! 

Last day for 50% off J.Crew Factory!

Monday, October 14, 2013

If you have not yet taken advantage of this all means...GET ON IT! EVERYTHING at J.Crew Factory is 50% to celebrate their birthday! They have so many great pieces in stock for fall and winter, and the prices are really great.  Here are a few things I am lusting over:

Remember that top I talked about here? Well it is now on J.Crew Factory's website! Only $40- it comes in 2 colors, but personally I am loving the blue! 
How cute is this? Navy, jacquard and peter pan collar? Triple win. Only $37.50! 
All I can say is pretty, pretty, pretty, and only $32!
A little quirky, a little festive, a lotta cute! $22
Navy and pink? You know I'm there. $42.50
Bows. Enough said. $49
IF I could pull these off, I would...but I can' someone please do it for me! :) $42
I'm not exactly sure how necessary flannel pj pants are in Georgia, but man do these look cozy. $21
I'm a fan of tweed and I just can't get over this color! $39.50
I'm telling you, go take advantage of this sale! Lots of things are selling out quickly!

Calling all my UGA girlies!

After attending my first UGA game this weekend, I was feeling inspired by some of the new Chloe & Isabel line to create my perfect game day attire look book! 

I would start with this adorable black and white striped dress from Anthropologie. 

I would layer this super soft red scarf on top! 
Of course you need some bling-- how perfect is this bracelet from Chloe and Isabel?

I love layering my bracelets, so this gold is a perfect match! Chloe and Isabel does it again! 

Topped off with a Georgia red cocktail ring from Chloe and Isabel! 
No game day look is compete without a pair of Jacks

Even after this weekends disappointing loss, don't let your dawg spirit fade! Plan your next red and black outfit now---G-E-O-R-G-I-A!

Meet Lulu

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Okay, so as I mentioned before I am a new kitty mommy! I adopted my sweet little girl exactly one week ago and man has it been quite the week. She was born in mid June so she is still a baby...and baby kitties are kind of like human babies in that they require A LOT of attention. The first few days were a little rough but we are finally adjusting to each other and she is *sort of* learning the rules. 

Here she is! My sweet Lulu-bug. :) 

She doesn't like when I go to school, so she insists on eating my backpack. 

She loves Torts! 
And pink, just like her mommy! 

And the worst blogger of the month award goes to....

This girl. 

Where do I even start? Life has gotten away from me in the past few weeks, clearly, so I guess a recap is the best way to begin. 

1- Our football team continued their winning streak. (only to lose it on the road the next weekend, but hey, it is our first season) 

Mo and I in the student section! 
2- I was initiated into my school's chapter of Phi Alpha Delta! 

Most of the newly initiated at the reception! 

3- Team Rainmakers played in the Kicks 4 Komen kickball tournament...AND defeated the professor team! 

Team Rainmakers
4- I saw Luke Bryan, again, on his Farm Tour. It was an amazingly fun night! 

J & me. 
Me, NABS, and K. 
Speedy & me. 
C & me. 
5- I FINALLY framed and hung my diplomas! (The hanging part was a HUGE accomplishment in it self).

6- I became a kitty mommy!

More on my sweet little girl later :)
7- My Spartans won their homecoming game, even though I sadly was not there. 

8- I attended my first UGA game! Unfortunately, the Dawgs lost, but it was still a fun time! 

NABS & me at the game! 
9- It is starting to be fall here in Georgia, chilly mornings but warm days. 

10- I am officially halfway done with my first semester of law school....WHAT? 
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