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Sunday, September 15, 2013

This week was rough...and not just for me, I think every person in my classes was feeling it too. K and I decided on Thursday that we would treat ourselves to pedicures and Jimmy Johns to relax a little bit. 

I am obsessed with Jimmy Johns...and until last week, there was not one anywhere near where I live. Thank goodness they opened one up. :)

 So why was this week so rough? Well, first the work load seemed to be a bit heavier than usual. Second, remember when I said I had the plague? Yea...that was an understatement. On Tuesday I was sitting in my Torts class when I realized I could not hear...naturally I started panicking and thought it was going to pass out, so right after class I drove to urgent care, or doc-in-the-box as they are so lovingly referred to here. Turns out, I had a double ear infection, in both ears. The doctor was so so nice and got me in and out with antibiotics quickly, but boy was I miserable. I could hardly stand to do my homework because my ears were so painful. Now, I don't like being on antibiotics, they just always sort of mess with me, so in addition to actually being sick I was feeling dizzy all week. Friday after class I went home to lay in bed and relax when disaster struck. (okay, that is possibly a wee bit dramatic...) Not only was my ear infection totally messing with my balance (I mean, seriously, I was walking around like a drunk person.) but my antibiotics were adding to my lack of balance, so while walking to my apartment from my car I took a spill. Like, spill with a capital S. Ohmigoodness. I didn't catch myself, at all, and then proceeded to lay on the sidewalk and cry. 

I told you it was bad. 
The picture above is actually from they look 10000 times better than they did when it happened. Let me tell you, knees are the worst thing ever to injure...walking is such a task, not to mention they are swollen from the fall. After I got all bandaged up I called my mom and sobbed like a 4 year old...I think that was just the straw that broke the camel's back of my week. Anyway, in an effort to not sit at home and feel sorry for myself, I joined my fellow members of SAS at the local gun range for an afternoon of being social and doing some target practice. Later, a bunch of us went out for Mexican, we had a great time full of lots of laughs and it was just what I needed after my dramatic morning. 

Saturday, of course, was football Saturday! We were much more organized this week and several of my classmates had planned a 1L tailgate, and then S's parents also had one planned. We ended up merging tailgates and had a ton of fun playing cornhole, bocci ball, drinking beer and eating yummy food. The game was a blow out...we left at halftime because we were up 47-0. 

I was super proud of my game day attire. Yes, those are orange grills on my dress. How perfect right!? 
K and I decked out in our orange and black. Bear down!  
Sunday has been full of reading and briefing, along with a quick trip to Target to get some more Neosporin for my poor little knees. I was SO excited to find that the Phillip Lin line had launched...and that no one at my Target seemed to know or care what it was! I was shocked cause this stuff literally sold out online in minuets. 

I am obsessed! :) 
I was able to snag a pashli bag in a beautiful taupe color. The photo doesn't really do it justice. 

I also have my eye on this dress, so gorgeous! 
On my way out the door, I found a wonderful little surprise sitting on my doormat. It was so sweet and exactly the pick me up I needed today. I appreciated it greatly. 

Aren't they pretty? I feel so blessed to have the people in my life that I do. :) 
Today, I also got the email that the Lilly Pulitzer monogram sweaters are now available for purchase! I was so happy when "L" was voted as one of the letters...not that I was concerned. L for Lilly, duh! 

So cute though, right?! 
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I am super excited for the week ahead because we get our mentors for the All Women Law reminds me a little of big/little reveal. I can't wait to find out who my mentor is, it is such a wonderful way to connect with other law students. 
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