Mentor Reveal!

Monday, September 23, 2013

My apologies for being absent from the bloggersphere! Last week was busy busy and then today I had my first writing assignment due, so this weekend was dedicated to that. But, here I am to give an update on the notable things from the past 168 hours of my life! 

Last week began mentor week for the Association of Women Law Students (AWLS). The best way I can describe it is the week leading up to big/little reveal in a sorority. Our mentors spoiled us with treats all week, then we had a mixer at one of the girl's houses on Thursday where we got to find out who our mentor was. It was so much fun. My mentor is a 2L who was actually born in Michigan, and lived there for a good portion of her childhood before moving south. I was excited to have that connection with her. She is so so sweet and I can tell she is very smart. I am lucky to have her as my mentor, she has already given me some great advice. Here are the little gifts I got from her each day: 

Monday's Gift
The theme was "Munchie Monday" 
Tuesday's gift--pink and glitter duh! 
The theme was school supplies 
Wednesday's gift! 
The theme was "wind down Wednesday"
Side note: this candle smells AMAZING. I can't stop burning it.
Thursday's gift! Plus a bottle of wine that she had waiting for me at the reveal! How sweet! :) 
These pick me ups seriously got me thru the week. I loved every one of them. 

Last week was also SBA elections. It was a pretty crazy week. There were so many good candidates running, and every day there were treats and stickers being passed out. I don't think I provided myself with one meal last week because between mentor reveal and the Chick-Fil-A and Kirspy Kream's and cupcakes and cookies I was never hungry! I am so happy for all of our 1L reps! They ran great campaigns and I look forward to seeing what they can accomplish. 

Yes, that is a bow-tie on my tumbler! 
Once again we had a home football game this weekend and the 1L's threw a rocking tailgate, but I don't have a single picture because it was POURING rain and we were all soaked. It was actually really fun dancing and playing corn hole in the rain. I don't think any of us actually made it to the game though...oops. 

In other news my knees are healing beautifully! My girl J, brought me the Mexican version of Neosporin and let me tell you, that stuff is magic. I have no idea what it is because the label is written in spanish, but in the time span of a few hours my knees were feeling like new, and not so sabby and icky! 

My last few updates for the week: 

I found a knock-off of the J.Crew Tilda here, its a fraction of the price normally, AND its on sale. Win-win! It comes in other colors too---they are all so tempting! 
I decided that if I was going to be forced to use a PC--I at least needed to make it pretty! I found this monogram sticker here. So cute right?!
Well...this happened. I LOVE LOVE LOVED pure barre when I was going in East Lansing...AND a new studio just opened up here...but I just can't handle how expensive the classes are! So, I decided to invest in the at home is just so much cheaper than going to the studio and I don't even have to leave my apartment. 

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