I have the plague...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

...oh how I wish I were kidding. I don't know if it is just because I am 13 hours too far away for my Mama to take care of me, of if I have actually never been this sick before, but ohmigoodness, this illness needs to go away fast. 

Rewind to the happy things that happened this week before I became bed ridden: 

Thursday: Mo and I made the executive decision that cookies were more important than contracts.  We were right. YUM. These were made with pecans that were fresh picked in North Georgia this summer. 
HA. Funny how the best moments always get captured! Left to right is me, N, and K. 
Both these photos were taken Friday night, the Student Bar Association hosted a taste of the town night featuring a sampling of lots of local foods. Our class ended up out at our favorite local bar after words for a few drinks and LOTS of dancing. It was a blast. 
Saturday I woke up with this awful illness, but suited up in my Spartan Green anyway, even though I was going to N's parent's house to watch the Georgia game. 
This was essentially the only thing I had the energy to eat / make. It was delicious and helped my throat. 
Sunday: the theme of the day was tissues, tea, water and studying. 
I have pretty much been glued to my 'study chair' all day alternating between sniffles and highlighting. Luckily I have a stash of tea and DayQuil so I have at least been able to be somewhat productive, between calling my Mommy to complain and cuddling with da Bunny, that is. *sniffle* After getting my work for Monday done, I decided that the ONLY thing that would help me feel better was a fountain Dr. Pepper. So I mustered up the energy to drag my butt out of my apartment to get one. I am SO glad I did, and here is why:

A few posts ago, I blogged about my Cara Box--I was received a box from Cait, and sent a box to Jess. I got along fabulously with both my partners and we promised to stay in touch. (duh!) Last week, I got an email from Jess, telling me to keep an eye out for my mail...I was obviously super excited because a) who doesn't love getting snail mail and b) I was totally not expecting her to send me anything. So, today on my quest for Dr. Pepper, I checked my mail box. (I didn't yesterday because I was so sick I went to bed after the Georgia game ended.) I got my little surprise from Jess---and let me tell you, it made my day of tissues and feeling just generally ick SO much better!!!

She sent me a mixed cd- with some AMAZING tracks on it! And, a cute little card. The front of it said  "don't sweat the small stuff, you have plenty of big things to worry about" which were the precise words of encouragement I needed today. Funny how that works, huh? 
 So thank you times a million to Miss Jess for not only making my day, but being such a sweet and caring person. Girl--I might be able to muster a few ROLL TIDE's just for you. :)

This popped up in my IG feed last week. I re-gramed it. Again, the exact words I needed at that moment in time. Hope they inspire y'all too. 

Hope everyone has a happy week. Oh! And don't forget to shop the Fashion Week sale that Kelsie has going on with Chloe & Isabel. It goes until Thursday this week, so you still have some time! Coupon code MSU25! Here is the link one more time, just in case you forgot to bookmark it the first time. ;) 

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