How I Do It- Study Tips!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Admittedly, I was one of those people throughout high school and even into college who didn't have to spend hours upon hours buried in my books to do well. But I knew coming to law school, that would have to change...real quick. Being the A-type person that I am, (Thanks Mom.), I devised my 'plan for success' to ensure that I didn't become overwhelmed too quickly. So far, I think it is going quite well. 

My plan started with me getting a day or so ahead in my classes, so that during the week I wasn't up to all hours of the night reading. I do not function well on no sleep, so I knew that this was key. The thing about getting ahead is that it requires dedication. I know, and have accepted, the fact that I will probably have to give up more of the very little social time that I have. As depressing as that may sound, it does have some benefits. It allows me to be able to read the material two times through before each class. One time, throughly, as I am preparing and then again another time the night before class where I can just read the notes and key points I pulled out the first time. This also makes life wayyy easier when it comes to outlining. 

Outlining is the next step in my plan for success. Essentially, this is a large document that encompasses every concept covered throughout the semester, that comes in handy when studying for the final. The thing about outlining is that it can become a seriously daunting task if it gets put off. And, it is really easy to put off because it is not the most pressing issue. I made a promise to myself that I would keep current on my outlining (like every two weeks or so).

The last step in my plan is to stay organized. This sounds like a no brainer, but it is so important. I am generally a really organized person as it when I added this to the plan it was more of a plan to be overly organized. I am very particular about school I can't focus if I am not using a certain pen. So, I first stocked up on all my favorites to ensure that I would never be without. I make lists upon lists upon lists so I made sure I had enough list paper laying around all corners of my apartment. I have my agenda, that I carry with me everywhere to keep track of basically everything. And finally, I color coded my binders and notebooks for each class. Generally, I hate binders because they are so bulky and annoying to carry around but I broke down and decided for the sake of keeping chronologically organized they were necessary. 

My jar of pens and highlighters. Like I said, I am very particular. I LOVE RSVP fine point pens, but I also found Target brand pens and highlighters that are just as great! (and cheap!) 
My color coded binders and notebooks. Again, I just purchased Target brand. They had some awesome coupons on their Cartwheel App, so I went for cheap again! (Girlfriend is on a budget). 
I used a Lilly Pulitzer agenda, a) because it is pretty and b) because there is actually enough space for my life to fit. I upgraded to the Jumbo Agenda this year, and I am so thankful I did! It is perfect. 
My Cara Box Partner Cait, sent me this notepad and I LOVE it Each week, I lay out every assignment for each day in each class so I can cross them off when I complete them. Not only does it keep me organized, but crossing something off a list is just so satisfying.
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