Finally! I mastered the curls!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I love the way my hair looks when it is curled, but I am really really awful at using a curling iron. I always end up burning myself, or the curls look like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket. So, I have been on the hunt to find an easier way to get pretty curls. I tried the whole curling with a flat iron trend....that was a fail. I give mad props to those who mastered this one because I just don't get it. I tried velcro rollers...that was an even worse fail. My friend helped me before I moved and it ended with me crying while she plucked they out hair by hair. We both thought we were going to have to cut them out because they were so stuck. I came across this Remington Silk Ceramic Heated Clip Setter  and decided to give it a try. 

I am in love. This thing was SO easy to use. Here is what I did:

1- Washed and dried my hair as usual.
2- Plugged in my rollers, it only took 2 minuets for them to get hot! 
3- Started with my bottom layer of hair and clipped the rest up. 
4- Rolled my bottom layer into 4 rollers.
5- Repeat with the rest of your layers. Note: I used the bigger rollers for the bottom laters and the smaller rollers for the top, but for my "bangs" I used the bigger roller again to give them more volume.
6- Ate breakfast. 
7- Unrolled and sprayed with Big Sexy Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray. (This is my favorite hairspray...and trust me, being a dancer I've tried A LOT).
8- You're ready to go!

Here is what I loved most about these rollers:
1-The clips are ceramic so they are not *as* harsh on your hair. 
2- The clips! I've used other rollers before and the little wire u-shaped clips never worked for me. These cover the whole roller and hold them in place better. 
3-They heat up so quickly! It is perfect for me, because I don't have unlimited amounts of time in the AM.
4- The rollers themselves have a very soft foam-like coating. My hair didn't get stuck at all and I felt they rolled better without causing funny bumps and kinks.

The only thing I didn't like was the size of the heating unit. I don't really have the space in my bathroom to keep it out all the time, but to me it is not a deal breaker. It fits perfectly in my linen closet. I hate clutter anyways! 

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