Second Sundays & Shave Ice

Monday, August 12, 2013

Last night, myself and two of the other law students that live in my apartment complex decided to get to know our new hometown. The downtown where our law school is located has some really fun events that they put on during the summer. Yesterday was part of their 'second Sunday's' series. Every second Sunday they have live music in one of the parks downtown, and there are vendors selling popcorn, shave ice, and adult beverages. During these events the city negates the open-intox laws so anyone of age can walk around with open containers of booze. There was quite a crowd that showed up with blankets, coolers, picnics, dogs, the works. 

Part of the crowd 

 Even though it was the evening, it was h-o-t. We didn't end up staying for very long because of the heat and, the fact we came totally unprepared. However, we stayed just long enough to enjoy some of the shave ice from one of the food trucks. It was delicious. 

I got the sour watermelon flavor. It was so refreshing..and huge! We all got the smallest size! 
The park where the concert was being held was really cute too. It was built on a hill and it had a river that ran through it and a big gold fish pond. All the little kids were playing in the river because of the heat. I was almost jealous that I wasn't of an age where it would be socially acceptable to go swimming fully clothed. It is so nice to have friends that live so close, we have been able to do a lot of things together and explore our new hometown together. 

Left to right- Mi, Mo and myself-- can you tell how hot we were? 
Orientation starts tomorrow, and I am excited to meet everyone else and get started. Although I would be lying if I said I wasn't even a little bit nervous. *eep!* Wish me luck! 

Please direct all words of encouragement and love to my inbox. Thanks. (Just kidding, but not really. :)) 

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