DIY: THE Pink Chairs

Friday, August 2, 2013

Okay, so it is probably no secret, I like pink. A lot. As I mentioned before in my Apartment Lust List post, I am a 20-something and now is the time to really do me in my living space, so I decided pink dining chairs were the way to go. However, a lot of the really fun furniture out there is really, really pricy, DIY was my solution to get exactly what I wanted. Here is how I went about creating my beautiful pink chairs:

Step 1:

Boring old dining chairs- my parents had three discarded in their basement and my mom was able to find a fourth at the Salvation Army for $9! 
 Step 2:
Sand those babies. This was actually as bad as I was expecting, I used this 3M sandpaper block. It worked very well. 
Step 3:
Spray! I used this Rustoleum paint and primer in one, gloss spray paint in Berry Pink. Because of my busy schedule my mom helped with this step (Thanks Mom!). She did 2 coats in our back yard. (She put plastic on the grass because my Dad was NOT about to have pink grass, boo.)
Step 4:
You have a pink chair! I added these navy seat cushions from IKEA that I posted about, here.
 Step 5:
Add a table, and you have an amazing pink dining set! 
I am seriously so obsessed with the pink chairs. They add an awesome pop of color to my dining / kitchen area. As you can see in the last picture, I just have a plain glass table for my dining table, another one of my parents castaways. I guess this counts as another sneak peek into my apartment, and YES the apartment reveal post is coming soon, I promise. 

In other news, as I am writing this post I am watching Chopped on the Food Network. The episode features 4 cafeteria workers that make conscious efforts to create healthier options for the kids in their schools. Additionally, they work in schools in impoverished areas where many of the kids don't get meals when they are not at school. This is super sappy, but I am totally tearing up watching this episode. If you have not seen it, you should check it out.

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