Cara Box Reveal!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

This month, I was able to participate in the Cara Box Exchange, (I mentioned this before here and here) that Miss Kaitlyn from Wifessionals, so brilliantly came up with. Through this exchange you get paired with two other bloggers and get to know them via email and their blog posts. At the end of the month each blogger sends one box and receives one box. We are all paired by our geographical locations as well as our stage of life, so we have the opportunity to really connect with our partners and make a new friend. 

Cara Box

This month I was paired with Jess from JJ's Ways, and Cait from Your Favorite Girlfriend. Both of these women are 20-somethings just like me, who are working their booty's off to follow their dreams, so obviously, we got along famously.  I was assigned to send Jess a box, so stay check out her reveal post to see what I included in her box. Miss Cait sent a box to me, and let me tell you, this girl just gets me! The theme this month tied into the stages of life that we were all paired by, so we were to send a box that just totally screamed "ME!" about your partner. Cait must have some sort of psychic ability because she sent me some things that we didn't even talk about but were so on point!  Here is what was included in my box:

My box arrived yesterday afternoon, I had been studying ALL day, so it was a much welcomed study break! 
I seriously got so spoiled, the deeper I went in the box the more goodies I found! 
First, I found two note pads that say 'Live Your Life' and 'Follow Your Dreams'--- both messages I am sure I will need to be reminded of in the next three years. 
Next, I found some hi-lighters and this adorable magnetic note pad! I love the pink and gold at the top! So cute!!!! And lets be honest, what law student does not need hi-lighters? :)  
Again, somehow Miss Cait picked up on my (weird) love for school supplies #dreambig posits and tabs are going to come in handy while fact I have used them already. AND a Starbucks gift card! SO nice, I am looking forward to that study break
A super sweet handwritten note from Miss Cait, a new Essie nail polish color, she some how telepathically knew about my OBSESSION with nail polish.  And some EOS lip balm, ANOTHER one of my favorites! I have been meaning to try this flavor too! :) Isn't she an amazing partner? 
Last, but certainly not least, a cheetah print Tervis filled with Dove chocolates. First of all, I swear by these cups, I use them every day (How she knew that...I have no idea ;)) AND let's be honest...what girl doesn't love cheetah print? Let me tell you, these little chocolates are now sitting in a bowl on my desk,  because sometimes reading appellate briefs just makes you need chocolate. 
Cait for sure spoiled me! I am such a lucky girl. I am so happy to have participated in this month's exchange, I made two wonderful new blogger friends, who I certainly will keep in touch with! I definitely hope to participate in the Cara Box exchange again, hopefully in the near future!
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