Spartans, What is your profession?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just a quick note in honor of the Spartan Football season kicking off tonight, under the lights. GO GREEN.

Cara Box Reveal!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

This month, I was able to participate in the Cara Box Exchange, (I mentioned this before here and here) that Miss Kaitlyn from Wifessionals, so brilliantly came up with. Through this exchange you get paired with two other bloggers and get to know them via email and their blog posts. At the end of the month each blogger sends one box and receives one box. We are all paired by our geographical locations as well as our stage of life, so we have the opportunity to really connect with our partners and make a new friend. 

Cara Box

This month I was paired with Jess from JJ's Ways, and Cait from Your Favorite Girlfriend. Both of these women are 20-somethings just like me, who are working their booty's off to follow their dreams, so obviously, we got along famously.  I was assigned to send Jess a box, so stay check out her reveal post to see what I included in her box. Miss Cait sent a box to me, and let me tell you, this girl just gets me! The theme this month tied into the stages of life that we were all paired by, so we were to send a box that just totally screamed "ME!" about your partner. Cait must have some sort of psychic ability because she sent me some things that we didn't even talk about but were so on point!  Here is what was included in my box:

My box arrived yesterday afternoon, I had been studying ALL day, so it was a much welcomed study break! 
I seriously got so spoiled, the deeper I went in the box the more goodies I found! 
First, I found two note pads that say 'Live Your Life' and 'Follow Your Dreams'--- both messages I am sure I will need to be reminded of in the next three years. 
Next, I found some hi-lighters and this adorable magnetic note pad! I love the pink and gold at the top! So cute!!!! And lets be honest, what law student does not need hi-lighters? :)  
Again, somehow Miss Cait picked up on my (weird) love for school supplies #dreambig posits and tabs are going to come in handy while fact I have used them already. AND a Starbucks gift card! SO nice, I am looking forward to that study break
A super sweet handwritten note from Miss Cait, a new Essie nail polish color, she some how telepathically knew about my OBSESSION with nail polish.  And some EOS lip balm, ANOTHER one of my favorites! I have been meaning to try this flavor too! :) Isn't she an amazing partner? 
Last, but certainly not least, a cheetah print Tervis filled with Dove chocolates. First of all, I swear by these cups, I use them every day (How she knew that...I have no idea ;)) AND let's be honest...what girl doesn't love cheetah print? Let me tell you, these little chocolates are now sitting in a bowl on my desk,  because sometimes reading appellate briefs just makes you need chocolate. 
Cait for sure spoiled me! I am such a lucky girl. I am so happy to have participated in this month's exchange, I made two wonderful new blogger friends, who I certainly will keep in touch with! I definitely hope to participate in the Cara Box exchange again, hopefully in the near future!

1L of a Week!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

It is official, I survived my first week of law school! Granted, it was a warm up week but, there was still work and exam involved so that counts, right? On Tuesday, we took a big group photo of our class...all 188 of us. (Yes, it was as much of a mess to coordinate this big group as you can imagine.) Do you see me? 

Here we are, Class of 2016.

Hint: I am on the right side, in the third row, close to the end. 

Our first exam was Friday morning, so by the afternoon we were all ready to have some fun! I spent the afternoon at the pool with a few of the girls, which we followed up with a night out downtown. I think almost everyone in the bar was from the school. 

Today, sadly, I have been glued to the books. Our real classes already have assignments due on the first day of class! Yikes! But, I did get a nice little study break when my Cara Box arrived from sweet Miss Cait over at Your Favorite Girlfriend, I am so excited to show what she sent me in my reveal post and link up later this weekend. :) I sent a box to Jess from JJ's Ways, and I can't wait to hear how she likes it!

Stay tuned to see what came in my box! Back to the books I go. 

p.s. Did you get my joke? 1L...of a week? heehee 

p.p.s. I can't take credit for the cleverness, but I still think it is funny! Thanks AB! 

Law School Orientation

Sunday, August 18, 2013

First, my apologies for being absent from the bloggersphere for so school orientation got the best of me. It was one busy busy week, so here is my recap along with my OOTDs as well as a little celebrity surprise! It all started Tuesday with packet pick up where we received our schedules, sections, parking decals, book lists and first assignments, which of course created a frenzy and onslaught of stressed out people bombarding our Facebook page to see who else was in their section. I went to this first day with Mi, Mo and S since we are all neighbors it was easy to just drive together. After we picked up our packets we headed to the campus book store to see just how bad the damage would be when buying our reading materials. Afterword we headed across the street to this cute little pizza shop that sits on our main campus. 
Outfit Day 1: Dress- J.Crew Factory (old), necklace J.Crew (sold out I think), shoes-J.Crew Factory (Old, but Similar Here
Wednesday- Day two of orientation was filled with many speakers, introductions of faculty, distribution of our laptops, a student org fair and distribution of our student ID cards. All of this was followed by a dinner put on at the University Center, which is basically just our student center, with a panel of 2Ls and 3Ls.  The org fair was fun, because if you know me at all, you know I just can't help being involved. I have a list of orgs I want to join, but I am trying really hard to pair it down and not get over involved right away. 
My new laptop (yes they 'give' each of us a new one)...which I can hardly use...I am PC incompetent.
Day 2 Outfit: Skirt- J.Crew Factory (here),Top- J.Crew Factory (old, but different color here), Shoes- J.Crew Factory (old, see above), Bracelet- J.Crew Factory (here).

My poor little bracelet was later found in a zillion pieces in the parking lot :( but thank you to who ever picked them all up and turned them in. I'm sure you've noticed a reoccurring theme in my shopping locations....I am a big J.Crew fan, and if you are in need of some business attire they are currently offering 30% off their new arrivals!  Thursday was another day full of seminars including a library tour, training on how to use our new laptops (which I desperately needed...and probably still do) and a cultural competency seminar. All of this was followed by a nice dinner at one of the local country clubs. It was held outside in the pavilion which ordinarily would have been so nice, but given we have been having torrential down pours for three days now it was a little chilly and wet. I am seriously not kidding, I need an ark, the county I live in as well as all the surrounding counties have been under flash flood warnings almost all week. 
Day 3 Outfit: Dress- J.Crew Factory (old), Shoes- J-Crew Factory (old- see similar above) 
Day 3 Dinner Outfit: Dress- Lilly Pulitzer Eryn in Multi Chorus Girl (old),  Shoes- J.Crew Factory (old-see similar above) 
Friday was our final day of orientation, and while it was super busy, it was by far my favorite. We started off the morning meeting the university's president, then headed over to the Federal Court House and the County Court House. The Federal Court house was really neat. It is housed in the post office, and the architecture was absolutely beautiful. It took a long while for all of us to get through security so our visit was cut a little short but we were able to hear a Justice speak. After the Federal Court house we headed over to the County Court House. This one was far more busy, and I think the public was a little concerned as to why there were around 95 professionally dressed people trying to get thorough security. It had been raining so hard all day and I had slammed my umbrella in my car door the day before in an effort to not get my laptop soaking wet, so I was umbrella-less. Thankfully these wonderful Southern Gentlemen that I am surrounded by were kind enough to share their's with me. :) After the court house visits we had breakout seminars with local attorneys, and judges. It was very interesting to be able to hear their takes on law school, many of them having attended the same law school I am now going. After our sessions, a few friends and I decided to grab some dinner. I am really enjoying the company of everyone I am meeting here. K, S and I went to Bonefish with K's friend from high school N. I tried shrimp...and liked it! This is a huge step for me! We had such a nice time sharing laughs over drinks and good food. 
Day 4 Outfit: Professional Attire! We were supposed to take our class photo, but the rain prevented that. This is one of my new suits, just a simple black skirt suit...and I of course added a pop of color with this J.Crew Factory top (same top, different color here). I also made the rookie mistake of wearing new shoes...ouch blisters, but I couldn't resist the bows! 
To dinner I wore the same J.Crew top, but switched into white capris and my trusty platinum Jacks
Yesterday, (Saturday) the pouring rain continued, but K had planned a get together at her family's property for our class. Her family was SO sweet for hosting us and it was so nice to hang out with everyone in a less formal setting. Although the rain deterred a few people from coming, there was a solid group of us there. Her parents were so kind and welcoming. Everyone had a fabulous time. 
Saturday- Jeans: Banana Republic Boot Cuts (I cuffed them because of the rain) Top- Banana Republic (Old) Shoes- Clear Jellies that I posted about here. Bracelet- new but not available online. 
After the get together at K's house most of us decided to go grab dinner together. Someone suggested Hibachi so we found a local place and headed there. It was nice because there were 20 or so of us, so the hibachi place could accommodate us all at one table. Shortly after some of the group arrived, a camera crew showed up...and next thing we knew we were on set for the filming of Honey Boo Boo episode. No, I am not kidding. Not even a little bit. Sugar Bear was there being filmed in the parking lot. We got a photo of Mama June walking in the front door. One of my friends ran into Chubbs in the bathroom. And Alana walked through our dining room! They happened to be in the one next to us. Unfortunately (?) they had some crazy security with them so we were not able to get to many great photos. Surprisingly, they were very well behaved! Alana was super adorable with her little blonde curls! I have kind of been waiting for a run in with this family because I knew they don't live too far away and that they occasionally to come to where I live because its kind of like the city to them. It was funny to watch the camera men stand in the door between our two dining rooms all throughout dinner. 

Like I said, I wasn't kidding. Here is Mamma June when she walked in.  
The camera man lurking near our table. 
After dinner a few of us headed out to watch the Braves game at a local bar, but after a day of fun today its time to hit the books. Hard. I already started my homework like a good little law student last week when it was assigned but I still have more to do. *sigh* 
I will be posted up in my comfy chair for the rest of the day working hard. 
This only part of my books. The rest are in the mail. Yikes! 
Sorry for a long post, but I had been absent for so long. Hopefully it was worth it, if not for my OOTD's at least for Honey Boo Boo. :) 

p.s. I have to wish a very happy birthday to the fabulous AVP. 

Second Sundays & Shave Ice

Monday, August 12, 2013

Last night, myself and two of the other law students that live in my apartment complex decided to get to know our new hometown. The downtown where our law school is located has some really fun events that they put on during the summer. Yesterday was part of their 'second Sunday's' series. Every second Sunday they have live music in one of the parks downtown, and there are vendors selling popcorn, shave ice, and adult beverages. During these events the city negates the open-intox laws so anyone of age can walk around with open containers of booze. There was quite a crowd that showed up with blankets, coolers, picnics, dogs, the works. 

Part of the crowd 

 Even though it was the evening, it was h-o-t. We didn't end up staying for very long because of the heat and, the fact we came totally unprepared. However, we stayed just long enough to enjoy some of the shave ice from one of the food trucks. It was delicious. 

I got the sour watermelon flavor. It was so refreshing..and huge! We all got the smallest size! 
The park where the concert was being held was really cute too. It was built on a hill and it had a river that ran through it and a big gold fish pond. All the little kids were playing in the river because of the heat. I was almost jealous that I wasn't of an age where it would be socially acceptable to go swimming fully clothed. It is so nice to have friends that live so close, we have been able to do a lot of things together and explore our new hometown together. 

Left to right- Mi, Mo and myself-- can you tell how hot we were? 
Orientation starts tomorrow, and I am excited to meet everyone else and get started. Although I would be lying if I said I wasn't even a little bit nervous. *eep!* Wish me luck! 

Please direct all words of encouragement and love to my inbox. Thanks. (Just kidding, but not really. :)) 

Jelly Shoes

Friday, August 9, 2013

Yes, you read that right. They are back. If you are somewhere around my age, or are the parent of someone around my age, you know that these things were SO popular. I remember having them in several different colors when I was a kiddo. I was so so excited when I discovered that they were for sale again! Obviously, I had to have a pair. They come in so many fun colors, it was really hard to pick just one, but I eventually settled on the clear, sparkle jellies. 
I went with the clear, because they were the most neutral...and of course I'm not about to pass up sparkles. Buy them here.
I am so in love with my clear sparkles...and I am seriously eyeing these neon pairs: 
Neon Pink

Neon Purple
Mine came in the mail today, and they are surprisingly comfortable for being made of plastic! 

I have yet to take mine off! 

Rain, Rain go away

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sorry for another lack luster blog post, crazy rain storms and possible food poisoning have prevented me from doing anything remotely fun today. So, here I am watching Shark Week and adding to my fear of the ocean. Woof. 

As sad as this commercial is a pretty good one. Poor Snuffy. 

Hopefully, more fun times soon. Orientation starts next week so that should prove some interesting information. 

Law School Humor

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I was introduced to this video by a fellow classmate the other night....and I think its so funny. 

I understand that no one else probably finds it as funny as I do...but hey its One Direction so you have to at least like that right? 

Some people (aka my old roomies) may take this as a cry for help, but I swear I'm still sane and that law school had not already gotten to me. (xoxo GiGi, Sponge and Twinny, thanks for being concerned.) 

disclaimer: Don't judge me. I am only trying to be funny. I will now resume to my usual post types. Thanks for bearing with me. 

Apartment Reveal

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Okay, I know I have been hinting at this post for a few weeks now, but here it is. My new apartment! It is still not 100% organized so just pretend you don't see any mess anywhere. I figure, with time, everything will find its place. (aka as soon as I get my massive school books I can see what room is left on my bookshelf.) This is going to be another photo loaded post, but I just want to show everything! 

I figured I would start right at the front door! 
The view of my dining room and kitchen right when you walk in. 
The hallway to the left. Obviously have the Spartan Pride! 
My laundry room is also off this hall. I love finally having my own washer and dryer! 
The bathroom. 
My bedroom. 

I love my closet...this is only half of it!!! 
The dining area, with one of my hand painted pieces of art in the background. 
I am obsessed with the zebra print in my dining area. 
My kitchen.
Another hand painted piece of art in the kitchen. 
The view from the sink.

I love my mini gallery wall. I painted the top right, the top left and bottom right are awesome prints of the state of MI and city of East Lansing from City Prints Map Art and the bottom right is a photo of my beautiful roommates from East Lansing. 
I love how my TV stand turned out. 
I initially didn't think I wanted curtains, but they really finished off my study area perfectly.  
As I said before, my desk and bookcase area is still being organized so please don't mind the mess. 
My super comfy chair and KS "Oh La La" pillow. 
Last but not least, my patio. (Clearly I took this photo at night.) But, I found these super cute pillows and side table at target! 
I also wanted to show my cute little star lights on the patio. (Hence the nighttime photos.) 
I am really enjoying my new apartment. The space is great, the community is great, and my neighbors are super nice! I had a lot of fun decorating my new space. I don't think the pictures really do it justice, but I hope you like it as much as I do. 
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