Perfectly Suited

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

As the start of my law school career draws near, time is running out for me to find my very first suit. This seems like it should not be such a hard task, but suits are just so...not me. If you were to open my (very full) closet you would find an explosion of Lilly shifts, bright colors, fun floral floral prints, many sundresses and lots and lots of pink . I do have a large assortment of professional attire, everything ranging from a bright red a-line skirt to a hot pink blazer to my favorite, Jcrew pencil skirt in neon tweed. 
I swear to you, as crazy as it may look, this skirt is so versatile.  AND it is currently on sale, here, so get on that quickly before it sells out. 
But among my collection of skirts, dresses and blouses you will find one thing missing: a suit. Unfortunately for me, a suit is essentially mandatory, if not for law school, but for a law career, and probably life in general. So began my hunt for the perfect suit. I started making a "must-have" list of criteria for my suit. (I know, it sounds like I am shopping for a house.) Essentially what I came up with was that the suit had to be practical, because lets be honest, as beautiful as those $500 a piece suits are...that is just NOT in my budget. Number two on my list was that it had to fit p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y, this seems like a given but all too often I see people who just settle for something that fits 'good enough'. For me, I want to look professional, therefore a perfect fit is essential, and I want to be comfortable and feel good about what I am wearing. So here are a few options that I am considering...I have not yet purchased one simply because I am so unsure! 

Okay, baby steps right? I think this blazer is simply adorable! I know its only half a suit...but it is a definite wardrobe staple. I just love the detail on the lining. It comes in three different colors, here, but I like the black bean the best because you can wear it year round! 
This suit is pretty basic, but I think the grey is a really nice color.  Nothing too exciting, but its a starting point I suppose. You can find this Tahari suit here, for good price. 

I know, I know, this is NOT a suit. But, it is just so me! (Now do you see why I am struggling so much?)  You can find cute little number here, and I promise that I actually did find some real stuffy as I think they are.

Now this is a suit I can get behind! You can find the jacket here and the skirt here. Of course Jcrew does it again...however, the $300 price tag doesn't exactly meet my practicality standard, so I am, sadly, putting this one on the back burner for now.

The price tag on this one is simply unbeatable... you can find the jacket here, and the skirt here. Both are on sale, and the total comes to a little more than $80. I have not seen this in person so I am curious about the quality, but I do love the bow on the jacket!

So the search continues. The lighter colors have been catching my eye more so than the darker ones and I am unsure if this is because its summer or because I am focused on moving to a warmer climate! What are your thoughts on the best color for a versatile suit? As you can see most of my selections came from Nordstrom, mostly because it is my go to department store. If you have suggestions on where to find some fabulous suits please send them my way! 

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