On the Road

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Well...we made it. It was a long 13 hour trip but, luckily we had good weather and very little traffic the entire way! I was so impatient to get here, for obvious reasons. (Sorry Mom.) Thankfully, everything thus far made the trip okay. The only casualty was one of Coconut's eyelashes. (sobs) 

Coconut on her chariot. Big thanks to Daddy for driving this mess. 

Before I left, all my roommates returned to East Lansing for one last hurrah together. We started the night at Dublin square with a bottle of champagne to celebrate a wonderful year together. Thanks to baby Stephen for being our DD. This night was hands down, one of the most memorable nights in East Lansing, and I am so glad it got to share it with these babes.  Thursday night? Let's do it. 

My beautiful roommates and best friends. From left to right Anna, myself, Arielle and Gina.  
The four of us have been through it all, and I can not wait to see where their lives take them. Each of them is so talented and drive at what they do, they are destined to do great things. Those great things would be even better if they did them in the state of Georgia though, so anytime you all want to move in with me, that would be great. 

Clearly, I wasn't ready to leave them...

My very empty room in East Lansing. 

 With a small amount of drama, we moved all my things out of my apartment in a few short hours. 
We stopped at the Georgia welcome center to pick up a few brochures. 
At this point...oh my goodness...I was SO ready to be there. 

Of course, we couldn't spend our first night in Georgia without having a true Southern meal. 
I know everyone is dying to see my new apartment, but I am not going to show it until everything is unpacked and in place. Right now...this place is a mess. BUT not to fear, I have prepared a little sneak preview of some of the things that are in place just to tide everyone over. Stay tuned. 

P.S. Congrats to Kate and William on their adorable baby boy! EEEE! He's so cute! 
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