Michigan Farwells (part 1)

Friday, July 12, 2013

 It is crazy to think that in just one week, I will be 13 hours away from my closest friends and family. I can honestly say that I am so incredibly lucky to have to have such amazing friends and family that have surrounded me for the past 23 years of my life. Time is dwindling to fit in all those last good byes, or I guess I should say the see-you-later's. I was lucky enough to spend an entire day with one of my longest friends, Libby. Libby and I met in the 6th grade whens she moved to Michigan from Wales, and I am so glad that she did. We have one of those amazing friendships in which months can go by of not seeing each other but it never seems like we lost a day. Last year, Libby got a job in Virgina, so while her parents still live in Michigan our time together is pretty much limited to holidays. Fortunately, our families have a wonderful Christmas Even dinner tradition so, we will always have that to look forward to. Lucky for me, she is a teacher so she has some free time during the summer and was able to come spend some time at home, meaning I got to see her before my move! 

It was a beautiful day, sitting on the patio and catching up with this view...it was perfect!
This is Libby and I and our dads at our senior prom! I can not believe that was 5 years ago! I still LOVE our dresses.

Yesterday, we had lunch at Leo's Coney Island, our favorite. I know that sounds silly however, there is not one Coney Island in Virginia and sadly, there are also none where I will be in Georgia...so we needed to get our fix. After spending an hour or so catching up, we went and saw Despicable me 2. I just have to say, if you have not seen this yet...SEE IT. I think that we enjoyed it more than the children in the theater. I was in tears I was laughing so hard. After the movie we decided that we were both in desperate need of pedicures. (Lets be honest, when am I not in desperate need of a pedicure.)
Then after our pedicures, we went and got free sluprees from 7-eleven. (it was 7-11, duh!)

I ended up with this fun purple color! It is so summer-y! (Don't mind my ugly bandage on my foot...I have awful blisters from running.)

I got the 50% sugar cherry and sprite flavors. Yum!
I felt so bad for the people working...they were crazy busy, but at least they were prepared!

We both are in that 'new apartment, must decorate' phase of our lives, so we made a trip to IKEA, where we spend several hours perusing everything and both found some fun things for our spaces! 
Here is what I got:
Navy Chair Cushion for my dining chairs, such a great price here.

I found this little lamp in pink at my store! I got two for some extra lighting in my living room. You can purchase this color online, but sadly they don't have any of the cool colors for sale on the website.
Aren't these just adorable? I got 4...they were only 99 cents each at my local store! Buy online here!

This little guy was the last thing I purchased at IKEA yesterday...its a stuffed strawberry. SO silly, but still cute at the same time. They don't sell him online, but my store also had stuffed carrots and stuffed broccoli. (Where do they get these ideas?!)
 This morning I had scheduled a session at the local Painting with a Twist. If you have not tried this yet and have any sort of artistic inclinations or if you like wine I HIGHLY recommend you try it. There are tons of locations all over the United States. This was the third time I have gone and it is just so. much. fun. The picture we painted this morning is going to be just perfect in my new kitchen! For those of you who are unfamiliar with PWAT, its a painting studio where a teacher guides you through step by step until you have a beautiful painting! They often host girl's night out parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties or you can go just for fun! Oh, did I mention they let you bring bottles of wine to drink while you are painting. Yes please. Seriously, this place is genius. Check their website to see if there is a studio near you!
This is what I painted this morning. The teacher was super sweet and let me switch my flowers from yellow to pink to match my kitchen!
The best part about this place is even though everyone paints the same picture, they all turn out so different and unique! One painting that is on their upcoming event calendar that I am lusting after is part of their Painting with a Purpose series. Its a gorgeous Vera Bradley inspired painting, and 100% of the proceeds from that class goes towards the Vera Bradley Breast Cancer Foundation. Obviously, this is near and dear to my heart but seriously, HOW AWESOME!? AND, it is not just my local store...EVERY SINGLE PWAT studio is participating, what an amazing way to raise money for such a wonderful cause! I so so wish I was going to still be in town for that one! (July 24). I am sure you noticed that this is just part one of my farewells, I have some plans this weekend with some great friends and I will of course keep you updated on those, as well as a few other things I have in mind before my departure. Stay tuned. :)
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