Michigan Farewells (Part 2)

Monday, July 15, 2013

As I wrap up my last 'fun' weekend in East Lansing, I know that this is one place I will never forget. I spent five years in this city, learned so many lessons and really discovered my path in life. On Sunday I had the opportunity to experience a new (to me) local favorite, Golden Harvest.  I have heard people raving about this small little breakfast joint for the past year, but have never had a chance to make it there my self. It is a tiny little place in Old Town, Lansing where people literally line up each morning for breakfast. I went with my roommate Gina, our good friend Scotty and his friend Jake. The four of us arrived at around 9:15 am and were finally seated around 11 am. Yes, it was THAT busy. The inside of the restaurant is decorated with an eclectic array of old posters, stickers, and various pieces of art, there are a few tables and then a bar that overlooks the griddle. I ordered the Cinnamon Swirl French toast, and wow was it delicious. 

This was my french toast, it was so yummy, but so so filling, I couldn't finish it. 

This is the front of the restaurant, as you can see it is tiny and very unique. 
The night before, we had all gone out to the bars to celebrate a couple birthdays, and have one last get together before I leave town. It was so fun to be able to see friends and of course I got to say one last farewell to my favorite basement bar...Ricks. Yes, I have a not-so-secret love for this place...and if you know anything about East Lansing you know why that is mildy embarrassing. (cue Icona Pop...I don't care, I love it! I love it!) 

We started our night with drinks on the patio of Crunchie's. This was my huge margarita. Yum!

I am so so glad this photo was taken (even though we all have demon eyes). From left to right are a few of my sorority sisters, Gina, Jill, Kelsey and myself. 
All year my roommates and I have been dealing with all sorts of shenanigans from the people who live in our building. I swear, sometimes it was like living in a fraternity house. We have had holes punched in our walls, food spilled all over the hallways, fire alarms pulled and of course the night someone coated our entire hallway with the fire extinguisher. How could I have expected that there wouldn't be one last prank before I left? At 2 am we were all awoken by the ear piercing sound of our fire alarms going off, and had to trek outside and wait until the fire department came to clear the building and turn it off. It seriously took so long, good thing there wasn't an actual fire! It was quite entertaining to see all our crazy neighbors coming home from the bar to find their roommates sitting outside, and of course the boys who decided it would be more efficient to jump from their balcony than walk down the stairs. The comic relief was welcomed after being so rudely awakened. 
Here's the firetruck and the firemen packing up after they cleared the building. Helllloo men in uniform. 
Okay, so I am really excited about the next post, and I hope everyone else will love it too. I will be sure to post on Facebook as soon as its finished (work in progress) so stay tuned in the next few days!
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