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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Prada Baroque Sunglasses at Nordstrom
When I initially saw these Prada sunglasses, I knew I just HAD to have them...but then I saw the price. HA! There was no part of me that could justify spending $300 on sunglasses, so I went on a mission to find an awesome knockoff version of these pretty sunnies. I found this pair on Amazon and the price? $ just can't beat that! I am obsessed. I find myself wearing them when its overcast, I just love how unique they are.  

I love the Minions. This little guy is a serious possibility. 
Despicable Me 2. I seriously can't get over how good this movie was. I may or may not have changed my text tone to the Minions. Bee do bee do bee do. Yes, it is incredibly annoying but for now, I just can't help it. (I swear I am not actually 5 years old.)

Cara (car-rah): noun, a beloved friend 

I am so excited about this one. I came across this on another blog that I follow and I think that Kaitlyn from Wifessionals is a genius for setting this up. I love getting snail mail and since I am new to the blog world I think that this will be so great for meeting some new blogging friends! Essentially, you are linked up with two other bloggers and you spend some time getting to know them via email, then you send one of them a cute little care package that goes with the theme that was selected for the month, as well as a handwritten note. (Love.) I have signed up to participate in next months exchange and I can't wait! 

Vera Bradley Commuter Tote
I received this bag as a graduation gift from some very wonderful family friends and it is so fantastic. It is absolutely perfect for any young professional who needs a feminine, sturdy and fashionable brief case type bag. It has a special compartment for my laptop and plenty of other space for books, notebooks and folders as well as my other essentials (ie: iPhone, chargers, pens, ID, debit card). It is going to be so perfect for law school, I can not wait to use it. 
KD Senior Class of 2013 at our Formal. 
These girls. It is no secret that I love my sorority, it was the best decision I made during my undergraduate career. There are so many memories that I cherish and I am so proud of each girl that I became an alumna with. Look out, because as a group we could take over the world (and we probably will). AOT 

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